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The first installment, CyPhrons: In Search of the Remnant, is an adventure taking place in the year 2050 within a nano world populated by CyPhrons and ViPrey. This networml (network world) is created by science and engineering based on Kemetic culture. The saga is about faith, perserverance, and hope for all ages. A visual and audio journey of this story can be found at Email if you’d like to receive a printable version of the e-book in pdf format.

The second installment, CyPhrons: Code of the Realm, expands upon theme such that the characters origins are explored and we learn why the Reality is under seige by the ViPrey and how Virtual-X was formed. It is also revealed why the honor of Fuzzy Funk is tied to the survival of the cyphron populace and why he created the Networmls.

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