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this is a non-official female fun orchestra I'm in. One of the girls from my regular orchestra decided to form a female orchestra just for once. Turned out to be great fun, so now we band up once every year. There were not enough girls by the way, so they asked me and some other lads for reinforcement. We were supposed to wear a wig.
The song is called "Greek Wine".

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Comment by Martin (NL) on April 9, 2008 at 8:23
My girlfriend is in it, too. Maybe to keep an eye on me :P... No, she was one of the founding members. We started seeing eachother after our first performance. But indeed WWM, the emphasis is mostly on atmosphere, and (with most orchestras) not so much on quality music. Now, I must say that there are some orchestras who take that principle a little too seriously. They sound awful and the only ones having fun are they themselves. The audience sometimes even walks away. Contact with the audience is crucial in having a succesful performance. Beer too :D Joking of course, but it can work pretty stimulating. ;)
Comment by WWM on March 18, 2008 at 21:52
Playing in a Women's Fun Orchestra... must be great fun...!!!
Like the wig...! lol
Once again, I really like the festive atmosphere from these Fun Orchestra..! ;-)
P.s. Lucky guy..!!! ;-)

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