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At 13:58 on December 29, 2008, WWM said…
Hello, travelling friend..!
I hope you're doing ok and make a safe trip..!
Enjoy... and have a great Holidays Season!
At 10:46 on December 14, 2008, owaiss said…

At 10:45 on December 14, 2008, owaiss said…
Fabia my kind friend, sorry for my absence here, but I were in a spiritual journey and I will send to you an email speaking about the this rituals .

Talk Soon
At 14:42 on December 12, 2008, Sónia said…
At 12:31 on December 12, 2008, Erin Eastman said…
hi , fabia , why , by jove , especially ireland ? it`s rainy , stormy , cold ,
but there are a lote of lovely people to contact with.Therefore and for my work i`m here and feel pretty good. at now i`m trying ti learn the original irish ( gälic ? ) language , i`ts not so very easy...but i want to.

we`ll here from us later , till then sincerely yours , erin...( p.s. who loves ireland and the people roundabout...)
At 13:51 on December 10, 2008, Matthew Todd said…
Fabia, I love Peruvian food; ceviche, pescado a lo macho, lomo saltado. I used to live next to a Peruvian restaurant in Miami Beach. Bring on the spicy food. I would love to go to Peru some day. Not just for a the dining, but for the sites, and culture too . Do you speak any quechua?
At 11:21 on December 9, 2008, Ger Mugan said…
Hi Fabia, thanks for the soon
At 23:38 on December 8, 2008, jay said…
how ya doin fabia? wot a lovely name you have there!
im only just wired up 4 the internet so i tought ide c how my fellow
irish people are and yerself!!? tanks for the welcome comment hope to
speak with you again. all the best there x
At 22:56 on December 8, 2008, Matthew Todd said…
Thanks Fabia, I actually just went and did a little skiing out my back door. Oh the good old days when I lived on the beach in Florida. I will be back there for a visit soon. Next month I am going to my uncle's place. A fun sun break. One week, or two? not sure as of yet.

At 15:32 on December 5, 2008, Matthew Todd said…
Hi Fabia, I would love to come back to Argentina for a visit. Especially this time of year, because I am now getting ready to drive through a sea of snow.

At 10:16 on December 5, 2008, sarah said…
Glad to meet you here.
At 11:25 on December 4, 2008, gerry gormley said…
Thanks very much Fabia, I could really do with some warm weather over here!!
At 4:57 on December 4, 2008, WWM said…
Hola Querida Fabia..!
I hope you're doing ok..!
Let's try Sunday..! ;-)
Take care in the meantime..! hugs!
At 22:59 on December 1, 2008, Kees a.k.a. Tinwhistle said…
Ciao Fa!
Grazie per il tuo invito d'amicizia, ma pensavo che gia eravamo amici :-)
Ma non de meno, benvenuto nel mondo mio! Tempo fa ti ho detto che volevo comminciare il corso di spagnolo, ma non l'ho fatto. Mi sono deciso di far niente quest'anno...Ho studiato l'italiano per sei anni, e mi è bastato. E poi, il corso era finito...originalmente il corso era inteso come un corso di due anni, ma perché l'entusiasmo del nostro gruppo la direzzione del istituto si è accorto per altri quatro anni.
Ma, voglio ancora studiare lo spagnolo, forsé l'anno prossimo, dopo l'estate. Vediamo....
Bene, per ora ti dico ciaociao, ci sentiamo presto OK?

byaaa, Kees
At 4:35 on November 26, 2008, WWM said…
Hola querida Fabia aka Macu..!
I hope you're doing great and everything is ok with you...!
For the last couple of weeks, it has been like cold up here... and since yesterday, there is snow covering the ground... Considering the cold, chances are that swow will be here until next april..!
So, enjoy the warmer days you will have soon, if that is not already the case..! I can see a big 27°C at the moment...!!!! Could you share a bit of that warm weather with me..? ;-)
I've been quite busy lately... but I should get more spare times (hopefully..!) within the coming days...
Time for a phone chat..? ;-)
Take care... be well... and enjoy...!
P.s. Nice music list you have..! I hope I could find the time to add up some tunes to my own playlist..! ;-)
At 0:00 on November 24, 2008, Kees a.k.a. Tinwhistle said…
Ehi ciao Fa!! Come stai! Ho appena appena letto il tuo messagio sulla mia pagina. Vergogna, ma non frequento molto la mia pagina personale. Utillizzo sempre la MSN.... Ma in tanto, sto bene, come la mia famiglia. Ma non piu mai ti vedo su MSN!!! Ho frequentato la chat di Live Ireland qualche volte la settimana scorsa, ma non piu c'è nessuno, almeno dei quali che conosco io...tutti stranieriiiii. Ma allora, spero che anche tu stia bene, e che ci sentiamo prestooooo

ciaociao, Kees, aka Tinwhistle, aka Ariel4Kees, aka........
At 23:14 on November 15, 2008, gerry gormley said…
hey fabia!! its not half as beautiful as the pictures you have, the waterfalls are just amazing!!!!!
At 23:56 on November 14, 2008, Matthew Todd said…
Hi Fabia, I was in B.A. back in 86. I went to Cordoba as well.
At 11:01 on November 14, 2008, Myrene said…
oh.. lo siento!!! intenté responderte pero justo me llegó muchísimo trabajo :( y el otro mensaje lo ví TARDE en la noche.. sorry!!
si, hoy a las 5:31 empiezan mis vacaciones por tres largas semanas :D espero disfrutarlo.. y tu no seas ñoña, métete al chat que harto que te extrañamos..


At 2:32 on November 14, 2008, Matthew Todd said…
Hi Fabia,
I like Argentina all together. Not just B.A. It is time for another trip. Like the music, by the way.


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