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At 19:58 on March 17, 2008, Henry Sanders said…
Hey Martin,

Thank you. My ancestors do come from Netherlands over 400 years ago, but my last name came from France.
I'm glad to meet someone who play a snare drum. I do enjoy a wonderful time here on Liveireland.
You have a Happy St Patrick

At 20:03 on March 11, 2008, Arco McBride said…
sorry , maar ik ben een aantal dagen niet op mijn pagina geweest.
Ik heb zo'n beetje alles gelezen van Robin Hobb.
Ben nu weer eens opnieuw begonnen.
Het wordt zeker tijd dat we elkaar weer eens treffen in LI Chat.
Ik hoop je daar snel weer eens te zien.
Groetjes Arco
At 18:32 on March 9, 2008, WWM said…
Hey Martin...!
I hope you're well and ok...
I'm curious... Who are Woolters..? A band..? Are you playing in it..? I really like these four tunes...!
Thanks for sharing..!
At 16:07 on March 8, 2008, Lisa said…
Hey Martin my friend! Tis been awhile since I saw you in the chat...let's catch up soon.
At 20:03 on March 7, 2008, Carol said…
Hey Marin...That blog is really true. I know its hard to believe but its the facts. It was on National Television too, on the world News. Didn't you hear it? Strange things do happen these days.
How are you there in NL? Here in Minnesota we are still freezing and its still snowing. Its only 10F. right now here. And its 2pm here. Send me some of your nice weather and of course some of your beautiful tulips. Take Care...Irish and Dutch Blessings!
At 19:21 on March 7, 2008, Sean Moran said…
Hallo Martin!
Dank je wel voor je comment! Ja, ik denk het gelukt heel goed met Nederlands, ik heb een boek in Nederlands gekoopt en ik kan het goed lezen! Maar ik denk dat ik niet zo goed kan spreken, alleen met en accent! :) Dag, Sean
At 16:00 on March 4, 2008, Shawn McCoy said…
I was reading your bio, and it is quite impressive! I would love having someone of your skill in my group, 'General Musician Chat'. We have a tight little group of very talented members so far, and you would surely be a nice addition. Cheers!

~Shawn McCoy
At 0:23 on February 29, 2008, Patricia said…
Thanx for the add,Kewl page.....
At 14:32 on February 28, 2008, Lisa said…
Oh Marrrrrrrrrrrrtin....where did you go now? Are finals over? Anyway just wanted to drop by and wave at ya. *waving*...hope to see ya soon in the chat.
At 20:27 on February 15, 2008, Nicolas said…
I saw your videos yesterday evening. They are great . Did you see the one where they play video games music (tetris, zelda, mario ....) I will try to find it again
At 23:41 on February 5, 2008, Sean Moran said…
Hey, thanks!
I think, it takes a while to get used to different accents and dialects anyway...and a lot of practice! I can understand what you mean, explaining the "ui":)
You could become a language teacher! Well, yes, you study English, right! I think, you are really good at languages and speak at least four....or even more?
Thanks again!
At 21:34 on February 5, 2008, Sean Moran said…
Hallo Martin,

thanks for your comment! I love Dutch, and I think I am doing quite well with the grammar, but my pronunciation is not good. I can´t really say "thuis" or something containing the "ui" properly and some other words.... However, I understand a lot and can read even more. As I am fluent in German, the grammar is not too difficult for me. Do you speak German as well? I know many people from the Netherlands do. Are you interested in Gaelic?
Another thing (a bit embarrassing:) Where can I find the liveireland chat? Is it on the front page or someplace hidden? :)
At 21:55 on February 3, 2008, Sean Moran said…
Hi Martin,
I love Dutch and I am learning it. I would like to chat to you some day!

At 5:35 on February 2, 2008, Lisa said…
Wanted to say have a good weekend! I didn't take any offense. Great music!
At 21:14 on January 28, 2008, massi said…
hi martin
i am definitely a celtic supporter
and i pronounce it Celtic with the "s"

cheers mate
At 14:29 on January 25, 2008, Lisa said…
Oh I feel like dancing!! I like your music!! wooohoo. Good to hear that you are through with exams...Have a great weekend!
At 18:03 on January 23, 2008, Lisa said…
Hey Martin...hope you are having a great week. If you can play guitar, you should really put some of your tunes on your page unless they are already here and I have not found them yet...LOL Hope to catch up soon. *hugs* Lisa
At 16:53 on January 18, 2008, Rebecca Gresty said…
Hi listened to your tunes, really catchy, lovin 'Boulevard Sauntering', really good beats!!!
I play the drums too and my brother plays drums professionally. Good Stuff, really impresses with the Drumline video!!
At 18:58 on January 14, 2008, Lisa said…
I was at work at 7:30am. I work at 8:00-5:00pm. :-(
At 14:12 on January 14, 2008, Lisa said…
Martin hope you have a great week!

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