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At 14:30 on May 7, 2008, Jill (mandogrl) said…
Great video of the band....what kind of organization is that you march with? I used to play the glockenspeil in a marching band with sea cadets for years...loved the marching band..very nostalgic.
At 20:49 on April 29, 2008, Felicia said…
Thanks for your post. Good to hear from oyu. I imagine your accent suits you. You have some incredible music on your page--thanks for sharing. Knocked me over.
At 19:41 on April 17, 2008, Sónia said…
Here you are Martin(NL)!
The smart young guy of the chat!And you play music to...
Glad to meet you young Martin! By the way, nice pictures in here!
Slán go fóil!
At 18:02 on April 16, 2008, Lisa said…
Doing well....Miss ya in the chat. I try to get in there on weekends sometimes but lately I have had allot going on. We all need to have a LI chat reunion of all the regs from way back ....I see you added some new photos...looks great. Keep in touch my friend. Take care! I'll see what I can do about planning that reunion. *smile*
At 2:06 on April 16, 2008, Lisa said…
Well what were the results my friend? :P
At 2:04 on April 13, 2008, Felicia said…
Hi Martin! I can only imagine how changed your accent must have been after working in Dublin! I found that I started to incorporate little bits of verbiage and idioms imto my standard conversation after each visit. It makes my husband crazy, but Iwill take any accent over a Philadelphia accent anyday!
Well, I would love ot chat much more, but my washer exploded today and I had to clean up the mess, get a new one, get to school and meet my group for presentations next week and then grocery shop--It is after 9pm now and i have ot do laundry and get some work done--Jee, I wish I were at a pub now. HAHA. Slan
At 16:46 on April 9, 2008, Felicia said…
I know what you mean about it calling you--I have never been able to live there yet, but it is a future goal. I found a PhD program there that runs (Text, Context & Culture), as part of a conjoined study via Cork Unv. to NUI in Galway to Trinity. I am worried about it, as it means alot of planning for me and asking special permission to work while there. I want to take my daughters for the duration and prayerfully stay. Interesting course of study you are in. For me, I took the Irish language , culture, religion and film, history route as a minor.

My Grandson is the best. His name is Ethan and he has these amazing graceful long fingers and he laughs alot already, and he has these inky purple grey eyes that remind me of the depths in the sea, they are so mysterius, but he has a kindness already--you feel it when you are around him. He has changed my son's life and finally my son understands some things that i could never get him to see before--it is kind of nice to be able to share the parenting conversations now and funny as heck to see my son worry about what I am doing or saying--I am known for being outspoken in my family and I do not sugar coat things, but my son is now the quintessential "hovering helicopter" as a parent and it make s me laugh in a good way. It is hard to see my son as a father, when his 25th birthday is next month. Although I was his mother at 18, it just seems like I was more attuned at a younger age--but then again, I suppose we all think that when we are young! HAHA.

Where did you study in Ireland? Any pointers or recommendations? Were you able to work while in school? I know rules are different for non-EU people, and I find it frustrating. In my country, it seems like it is so easy to come here and live and the government pays for so much to help you get started, but Ireland is so small and unique and so captivating that it calls to me, and I am having trouble being able to move because the rules are so tightly wound.

Did you play alot in Ireland or have a chance to pursue new hobbies?
At 14:39 on April 9, 2008, Felicia said…
I forgot to tell you, I am not sure how to send emails or get into chat--still a novice, but learning-Take care.
At 14:22 on April 9, 2008, Felicia said…
Hi! Great to hear from you. Thanks for the comments on my pictures. I took them all when I was last in Ireland. I agree with those that urge you to pursue a record label. Seems to me that you have the passion and knowledge to do it--so if it is a dream, make sure oyu follow it. What are you studying? I am also in school. I started out thinking I would take a class or two and it evolved into obtaing a BA in professional writing with minors in history, psychology, religion and irish studies and then it turned into going to grad school ffor a masters in educatuion so I can teach, and from there, I hope to get my doctorate out of the way and teach college. I am still a bit of a novice on Live Ireland, but on my page, I tend to deletec onversations after I reply, so I don't get mixed up and not respond. I have a lot going on with my job and my school stuff, and I have four kids who are mega involved in everything from dancing to music to theater to working and raising a family (well my son on the last part--he and his girlfriend just had their first son in November and are getting married this May!) Well stay in touch and keep playing! Slan
At 3:53 on April 9, 2008, Felicia said…
Great pictures on your page! Looks like you really enjoy what you are doing. The music is fun too. I was having a very harried end to an exhausting day and came upon your page--music made me feel better. Slan
At 12:30 on March 30, 2008, tom said…
hi martin

nice music, very uplifting, sorry i cant remember to change the pagelook, check with one of the old hands, maybe russ can tell you

thanks for listening to my music, i will be putting more up over the next week or so

At 19:38 on March 28, 2008, WWM said…
Joa Ealke has really good potentials..!
The bass melody line is really funny..!
Waiting for the entire tune now..! ;-)
Keep up the good work, Martin..!
At 13:54 on March 28, 2008, WWM said…
Hey Martin,
I am on my way to work... and for sure I'll take advantage of high-speed there to listen to your new material..! Thanks for sharing... Comments should follow soon..! ;-)
P.s. Oh... btw... did I tell you the *Cavaliers* are absolutely breathtaking..?!!!
At 13:03 on March 28, 2008, Lisa said…
By the way I do not have sound on the computer I am currently on. I am working remote at a desk from my front office filling in for a girl who is getting married today. And to your other comment, yes do let me know....
At 13:01 on March 28, 2008, Lisa said…
Hey Martin! I know I have been terrible about responding to messages lately. I will check out the song as soon as I get off of work or at lunch if time will allow. Thanks for thinking about me. I will let you know what I think. *smile* Take care and drop by the chat this weekend, I am sure to be there at some point. *hugs*
At 12:57 on March 23, 2008, Jennifer Allison Liffey said…
At 14:27 on March 21, 2008, Jennifer Allison Liffey said…
Hiya Again Martin. Yes it's me, the one you spoke with
last night on "liveIreland" . It was a pleasure meeting you.
I love the new community that I accidently stumbled into a few weeks ago, and have decided to make it my home. I do plan to travel one day, and Ireland will be where I'm goin it will. If God will have it, we shall meet one day. Untill then, pursue life with all of your might, be proud of who you are, where you came from, and where you are headed. Taste every experience like it was your last, and live long so that you can share it with your grandchildren one day. Life is precious, and meeting people is one of those gifts from God that will fill us with memories. Jennifer
At 2:31 on March 21, 2008, Jennifer Allison Liffey said…
Nice !
At 19:58 on March 17, 2008, Henry Sanders said…
Hey Martin,

Thank you. My ancestors do come from Netherlands over 400 years ago, but my last name came from France.
I'm glad to meet someone who play a snare drum. I do enjoy a wonderful time here on Liveireland.
You have a Happy St Patrick

At 20:03 on March 11, 2008, Arco McBride said…
sorry , maar ik ben een aantal dagen niet op mijn pagina geweest.
Ik heb zo'n beetje alles gelezen van Robin Hobb.
Ben nu weer eens opnieuw begonnen.
Het wordt zeker tijd dat we elkaar weer eens treffen in LI Chat.
Ik hoop je daar snel weer eens te zien.
Groetjes Arco

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