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At 4:07 on April 22, 2008, WyrdWanderer said…
Nothing so exotic around here - far west burbs of Chicago - but there are some nice trails along the river, and up the bluffs. Not to mention when we get over to the Mississippi to camp. But nothing like the mountains. But should b e enough to get my sorry behind in enough shape to walk a little in the mountains in the later summer, I hope. Not to mention just getting out for the well-being of it.
At 3:56 on April 22, 2008, Robert Brady said…
Ya, me too! I used to hike quite a bit in the Sierra Nevadas, mostly on fishing trips. Tough terrain! I now live in the Pacific Northwest and the Olympics are right in my backyard. I've taken a few short hikes and intend to do more when time permits.
At 2:51 on April 22, 2008, Robert Brady said…
Nice collection of landscape photos Ron! You must be in better shape than I to get some of these! I really should get on the trail more than I do.
At 22:22 on April 21, 2008, Patti Kane said…
Hi Ron, It's wild, isn't it? I mean the polls and all. Yesterday, I talked to quite few Obama supporters and most of them were also volunteering. I only got a few of those really anti, and/or, angry reactions. It's encouraging but don't want to count chickens...
At 20:58 on April 20, 2008, Bryan Wilson said…
By the way, your photos are excellent!!!! I really love your Misty Mountain and Foggy Morning shots. Those are hard to do. The Burro Trail photo would make for one difficult jigsaw puzzle :)
At 20:55 on April 20, 2008, Bryan Wilson said…
Hi Ron,
Hey thanks for the comments. I have traditionally been a commercial real estate photographer over the years but ventured out about two years ago and acquired some studio lights, soft boxes, backdrops, etc. I really enjoy doing portrait and product work and have taken several workshop classes on lighting concepts with reflectors. It has really opened up new opportunities for me. I am amazed at how far digital photography has come (and will continue to go) since the film days. Thanks again.
At 16:47 on April 12, 2008, WyrdWanderer said…
HI, Robert! Thanks! I think I am already into Quizlet. I set it up theother night. But for BLAS, I have to get Real Player, and I've been holding off because on my old computer some of those playes stole parts from each other and messed up what I could play from where. I will probably do that in a few days - not at the computer right now.

Are the folks joining the language group all new hands, or from a former group, or both? How easily do newbies pick it up?

At 23:46 on April 11, 2008, Robert Brady said…
Hi Ron! I posted the appropriate links to the learning site on the group under Resources. The link to Quizlet will take directly into the group site where you can sign-up if you wish.
Slán anois!
At 3:51 on April 11, 2008, Robert Brady said…
Hi Ron, Here are the links you'll need to get in on the action:
Blas (Irish learning site)

Quizlet (practice site)

You'll have to set up an account on Quizlet (free) and I don't think you'll need one on Blas. Let me know if you have any troubles.

Slán go fóill,

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