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At 0:26 on February 4, 2008, Lady Jane said…
HI Lisa..just want to say I enjoyed the Irish Anthem video..brought back memories of our vacation there! Oh I loved it so! Just want to say that I took bellydancing for a couple of years...Loved it! Sounds like we have a bit in common! Hope we can chat in the chat room sometime!
At 10:58 on February 2, 2008, Martin (NL) said…
wow, I was greeted by the sweet uilleann pipes when I came on your page. :)
I think it's going to be a great but hectic weekend. Lots of Carnavalperformances.
at 13:00h a carnaval procession in a neighbouring village, till about 16:00h.
at 16:30h party band rehearsal, till 18:00h
at 19:00h I have to be in another neighbouring village to play bass drum in their local party band. (their bass player was not available, so they asked me if I wanted to help out for once)
At 13:58 on January 25, 2008, Martin (NL) said…
finally! Exams are over. :) tonight there's lager to celebrate it! Sorry for the cranky tone in my previous comment, I didn't intend it that way. I hardy had time to post it.
I had an exam in 16th/17th Century Literature on tuesday. On Thursday I had an exam in 18th century literature plus I had to hand in a Research Proposal Assignment and today I had an Exam in English Syntax Linguistics. did you have a listen at my songs yet?
At 18:27 on January 23, 2008, Martin (NL) said…
hiye Lisa,

I'm not having a great week, because I have exams, which are quite demanding.
All 3 songs on my own page were made by myself and the guitars in Summer Skanking I played myself (the rest is computer work)
At 18:06 on January 23, 2008, David O'Nashville said…
Hi Lisa. Don't know about cold in GA. I originally put my birth home town on my profile - just changed it to Nashville, where I still live now. It is cold here!
At 16:08 on January 22, 2008, Tom Cusack said…
Hey Lisa,
PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors. I have been scuba diving since about 1983. I am a scuba diving instructor. More of a side job then anything. I've also worked as a salvage diver/biologist for a project off the cost of Rota, in the Marianas, recovering a Spanish galleon ship. It was hard work but lots of fun as well. There are other good organizations as well to become a certified scuba diver. Tom
At 16:37 on January 17, 2008, Tom Cusack said…
Hey Lisa,
thanks for the email. The mountain behind me is Mt. Rainier. I see you are from Houston. I graduated from Northbrook Sr. High (sping branch area of Houston) then went to SFA up in Nacogdoches. By the way, I like your selection of music you posted as well as listening to the Corrs. tom
At 22:53 on January 14, 2008, Martin (NL) said…
Ah, could've guessed that. Well that's regular for many many people. My sister's husband gets up at 5 AM every day to get to work in time. He's an executive at a construction site, so he has to be there before anyone else gets there to make arrangements for them.
At 20:38 on January 14, 2008, Rusty said…
your s/b you're - -sorry for the poor typing
At 20:38 on January 14, 2008, Rusty said…
Hey Sport,
I just noticed that you say you are 39. For the record you only look 38 (ha ha ). I guess it is not too early to tell you that 40 is better than 39. In fact, it gets better everyday (until age 63, I am told). Us over-40s keep it a closely guarded secret so that people don't resent us. So eat, drink, flirt, listen to great music, buy a dog, sell your jewelry, go on a cruise, meet a stranger, and break his heart. It's is fun - even if your are the one getting the broken heart.
At 18:03 on January 14, 2008, Martin (NL) said…
Hiya Lisa, I wish you no less. You were up early, this morning, if my calculations are correct. about 7:00AM. Right? You posted a comment on my page 3 hours ago, which is 16:00h here. Computing that you're 6 hours earlier over there, that means it's 7 o'clock in the mornin over there. What makes you being up so early?
At 5:39 on January 11, 2008, Finnigan said…
Hey Lisa..

Loved your "light of the world" blog. I pray it touches someones heart.
How are you ? Whats new ?
Have a great day !!
At 19:35 on January 10, 2008, Lisa said…
Can someone PLEASE tell me how to change "MY PAGE" to something of my own choosing? XOXO Lisa
At 15:22 on January 9, 2008, Martin (NL) said…
hiya Lisa,
yes, it is THE Martin.:)
A happy New Year to you. This website allows us to react to each other whenever we want (that means I don't have to stay up till 2 o'clock in the morning to have a chance chatting to you) and that is a wonderful solution. because I often entered the chat, finding nobody there. That is one of the reasons why I didn't show up that often anymore.
See you soon!
At 1:34 on January 7, 2008, Carol said…
Lisa Happy New Year 2008! I hope all your Wishes come true! How have you been? I am doing ok. Just sitting back and resting here. Trying to stay warm. Today me and my hubby went to Red Lobster...mmmmm that food is so good1
Take Care,
Loads of Hugs,
Carol xxx
At 19:20 on January 4, 2008, John McCabe said…
¡¡ Happy New Year !!

Go mbeire muid beo ar an am seo arís.
At 2:10 on January 4, 2008, WWM said…
Hey, Sweet Lisa...
A healthy, not-too-busy and Happy 2008..!
Full of good times with friends and family... and since nothing is too beautifull, I wish you the dreamed job, along with the dreamed lover, if this is okay with you..! ;-)
Take care, and looking forward to catch you in the chatroom soon..!
At 19:22 on January 2, 2008, Rusty said…
Hi Lisa!
I miss chatting with you as well. What are you doing for work and fun these days? I hope you had a great holiday surrounded by friends and family. You are still the Princess of the chatroom!
At 16:35 on January 2, 2008, Ron said…
Hi Lisa,
I'm the one on the left. How were your holidays?
At 2:41 on January 1, 2008, Carol said…
Lisa... Have a Happy New Year and enjoy 2008! Thanks for being a good friend! And also chatting on yahoo....thanks a Million....Love you! Hugs....

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