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At 0:19 on October 10, 2008, Macu said…
hahah. I see now why my first message didn't appear :) Keep the second one then :)

Extra hugs
At 0:18 on October 10, 2008, Macu said…
Hola! I have enjoyed chatting with you too. I keep our chat in mind and I know everything will find it way at due time. Blessings

At 0:06 on October 10, 2008, Macu said…
I had a great time chatting with you too. I have every detail in my head and I hope things will get clearer and clearer everyday.

Blessings and Hugs

At 23:30 on October 1, 2008, Martin (NL) said…
Hiya Lisa,

how did Ike treat you? You all safe?
I'm sorry about the Spain pictures, I think I'll never see them. But some other news, I've bought a new car. A Ford Fiesta. I guess you know it, because it's an American brand. It's still an old piece of junk, but it's better than the Fiat Panda from '89 I had (Italian brand); that one failed on me a few times, and then I decided it was time to get me a new car. Pictures are on my page.

Take care over there.

At 20:21 on September 12, 2008, oldwarhorse3 said…
Hey Girl,
Hope you're headed inland with Ike coming closer and closer to you!!! Keep me posted on your situation and I'll be keeping good thoughts for you.
At 22:19 on August 28, 2008, Martin (NL) said…
Hiya Lisa,
I've uploaded the first Spain-picture. I know it isn't much yet, but I still can't convince the others to get to sharing theirs.

At 10:08 on August 18, 2008, Martin (NL) said…
them friends o mine's a bunch of lazy gits. Still no pictures. But I've been on another holiday, with my girlfriend this time. Was fun too, and she's a bit quicker with sharing pictures. So that won't take too long :)


At 9:54 on August 18, 2008, Stephen S. said…
I liked your video...
Image Hosted by

Thanx for the Friendship Heyyy, I was in Houston this past April! I bought a pair of Luchesse western boots. Too bad though, we could have had a visit.
At 3:34 on August 17, 2008, Nathaniel said…
Thanks Lisa! Great to be here....of course i had to "marry in". :P
At 19:56 on August 6, 2008, Laura said…
Well you have a beautiful face and your skin glows!! What color eyeshadows do you normally wear? One thing I would suggest for you to try is on your lower eyelid not bringing you eyeliner all the way over try bringing 1/4 of the way over before you get to the iris of the eye this will open the eye up and make it brighter :) I wear mine both ways though depending on the look I want to achieve. I wouls love to get to know you as well I don't have those messengers but I will see about getting one of them and I will let you know :) I have fun being a girl and a southern one at that ;) Take Care and God Bless~
At 16:59 on August 6, 2008, Martin (NL) said…
Sure, as soon as I get them myself. And knowing my friends it may take some time. But I'll keep you posted.


At 15:33 on August 6, 2008, Kendra Stagg said…
Thanks for the Welcome!!
At 4:24 on August 6, 2008, Laura said…
Thanks Lisa :) you and I have so much in common! I love lucy too! Of course irish music too :) Thank you for the warm welcome !! God Bless~
At 16:28 on July 29, 2008, Martin (NL) said…
Hiya Lisa,
I most certainly have not disappeared from the face of the earth. In fact, I have been on a holiday in Spain for 2 weeks (returned about an hour ago, or so) for the second year. Me and 7 other blokes had a roaring, relaxing holiday in a hamlet on the Costa Blanca in the same villa we rented last year. The locals still remembered us. Don't know if that's a good thing though ;)
How are you?

At 17:03 on July 13, 2008, WWM said…
Thanks for sharing your great pictures..! ;-)
At 3:56 on July 4, 2008, WWM said…
Hurry up, girl..!
Get your pictures ready..! ;-)
Something that should keep you busy this coming w-e..!
Take care, and thanks in advance for sharing..!
At 19:05 on June 30, 2008, Lisa said…
How many people do you know who take a laptop camping? LOL Keep in touch! It was a blessing to be such a part of such a grand event! I love all of you. I guess I will be next!! LOL. Love ya both!!!! Be safe and have fun!!! YOU BOTH DESERVE IT. :-)
At 4:17 on June 6, 2008, Finnigan said…
Hey Lisa,

Enjoyed your nature pics. You have a real eye for photography.

Hope to chat with you soon,

At 2:51 on May 2, 2008, Carol said…
Hey Lisa how are you? Did the Sales Seminar go good for you? I suppose now you are getting ready for the trip East. Thanks for all your Prayers...Love you....HUGS, Mama...LOL
At 16:13 on May 1, 2008, Frank Daub said…
It is an honor to have been asked to be friend to such a lovely, and beautifully-spirited young lady.

Thank you, Lisa, for the invitation, for the kind words and for the great forum that seems to have taken on a life of its own.

Síochán leat,

Frank in St. Louis

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