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At 5:42 on December 19, 2007, WWM said…
You got it..? Great..!!!
Take care... and have a Great Christmas Season..!
Looking forward to comment..!
Thank you so much..!
At 0:03 on December 13, 2007, Alan Parker(Australia) said…
WWM.You might care to have a look at There is a gallery section which includes some train photos I took a few years ago in Far North Queensland.
At 23:34 on December 12, 2007, Alan Parker(Australia) said…
Not to mention,Kangaroos,Wallabies,Dingos,bandicoots,various snakes lizards,The occasional Koala and doorknocking purveyors of their religious beliefs!!!!!.
At 23:28 on December 12, 2007, Alan Parker(Australia) said…
WWM.Thanks for your most interesting reply.We have a considerable population of birds& animals here including Magpies,Crows,Kookaburras ,Rainbow Lorrikeets,Various Parrots,Cockatoos(both black & white)Finches,Honeyeaters,Wedge Tail Eagles,Owls,Currawongs,Koels,& lots of others including the occasional Brolga and also the Jabiru.
If you have Google Earth our place is at 26 33 30.01S/152 59 52.94E We are aboutabout half way up the East coast of Australia,inland about 10km from Coolum in Queensland on the South side of a mountain.
At 5:38 on December 12, 2007, WWM said…
Hi Alan!
That is amazing to realize and face how different the bio-diversity could be from one part of the Earth to another..!!!
Thank you 1000 times for the link towards the mangoverde website..!!! That is awesome...! And I have only been on the Cuckoo's page..!
This being said, I found the images and sound of the Channel-billed Cuckoo...! I agree with you..! If these guys starts to sing at 03 a.m.... But that observation is leading me to another quertion : knowing you will be into Spring within the next weeks... is there lots of birds nesting on the Australian Island..? I imagine so... but really don't know, considering the fact the majority of birds which come nesting here in North America do go back down South (America, mainly) to spend your summer (our winter) there... but without nesting...! They will come back sometimes in between March and June to lay eggs and multiply themselves.
Back to the Channel-billed... from what I've heard so far in my life in term of squaking, I think you might consider yourself "lucky" to have these Cuckoo into your backyard... It could be worst if you get the American Crow nesting in your backyard..? lol They also start to vocalized loudly and early (not at 3 a.m., though, but more around 5 o'clock, fortunately..!!!) So I hope no one in the past had the brilliant idea of "importing" a pair of crow onto Australia..!
Thanks again for the link...! A wonderfull reference to keep handy..!
P.s. Once in my life (in Rwanda) I was lucky enough to ear a Cuckoo call early in the morning... It simply sounded exactly the same as an old Cuckoo stand alone clock...!!! I could not believe my ears at the beginning....!!! But after a while, I went back to sleep... hé! hé!
At 23:35 on December 9, 2007, Alan Parker(Australia) said…
I hope you find it WWM. We have all sorts of birds & animals in Australia but few of them are to be found in North America & vice versa.No skunks at all. The only familiar ones would be those brought here mainly from England 200 or so years ago.These such as rabbits/foxes/rats/mice/starlings/sparrows and others which are real pests.
At 23:15 on December 9, 2007, WWM said…
Good morning Alan,
Thanks for the suggestion of the title..!
Do you have skunk on Australian continent? Here we have Stripped Skunk... and a couple of years ago, I had the priviledge of watching two small skunkys getting out of their den accompagnied with mom, in my back yard..! Nice moments..!
Next time I will connect through high-speed internet, I will search for that tune and let you know if I remember it (my musical memory is still working great so far..! ;-) )
At 16:37 on December 9, 2007, WWM said…

Definitely, you live along a very special road frequented by lots of musicians..!!! Great for you.!!!

But please forgive my ignorance : I don't think I have ever had the opportunity to hear any Loudain Wainwright's material... or maybe I had, without knowing who was the singer-songwritter...!

On the other hand, however, two of his children, Rufus and Martha, are doing quite well on the musical scene... So I am sure Loudain have great musical skills, along with great genes...!

Have a good concert..!


At 6:56 on November 30, 2007, WWM said…
Hi Alan..!
Belated happy Birthday..!
Now, you will have to do a little touch up in your "about me" section...! ;-)
Hope everything is fine down south... and I wish many other "musical visitors" will visit your area in the near futur... (but can I say you are lucky so far..?)
At 5:48 on November 30, 2007, Linda_TX said…
Alan! Why aren't we friends? LOL
At 15:58 on November 19, 2007, Linda_TX said…
Alan, you are a prince among men! Thank you so much. I'm sure I'll enjoy Lunasa Live! BTW, isn't three score and ten 70? Hmmmmm Due to the time difference, it's probably already Tuesday there, so........Happy Birthday!!!!!
At 10:03 on November 5, 2007, Alan Parker(Australia) said…
Who decided I was 70????
At 0:01 on October 27, 2007, Alan Parker(Australia) said…
Hello to all my new & not so new friends all over the world.It`s not that I am being unsociable ,but I`ll be off the air for about a week.I`m flying to Melbourne in a couple of hours to spend a few days with my daughter & her new Irish husband(who likes Guinness too!)
I`ll be back in about a week.
At 22:22 on October 26, 2007, Celine said…
Yeah! Once again... Welcome here Alan!!! :-))
At 3:39 on October 26, 2007, WWM said…
Hello Alan..!
Thanks to join in...! You are more than welcome here...! Our winter is coming here, so we definitively need breath of the south..! And there is plenty to discover on those pages... as you will see... Enjoy..!
P.s. Would you accept me as a friend..?
At 0:46 on October 26, 2007, Carol said…
Hi Alan, Welcome to the site.... did your Harley help you find the way How is the new married couple doing? Are you learning alot from that Irish This is like a Big Pub here. Even have Music and Movies
Take Care,

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