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At 11:29 on April 21, 2008, Alan Parker(Australia) said…
Wwm How are you. You may be interested in another of the living things in this area. Try looking up on Google -- Cane Toads.We are keeping company with these dear little things fairly often!!!!. Au revoir.Alan.
At 18:44 on April 19, 2008, WWM said…
Hi Alan..!
I hope you are doing well, and your weather nice enough to ride when and where you want..!
Regarding turkeys, are you referring to the article where Post workers have to use water pistols and sticks for their own protection..?
Here, it is the mating season for our birds... including Wild Turkeys..!
Have a great day..!
At 0:08 on April 10, 2008, Charlene said…
Hi Alan, I love the tunes. The worst thing is I can't remember the names of a lot of them. I recently discovered Gaelic Storm. I love them. Chat to you later, C
At 4:29 on April 8, 2008, WWM said…
Hi Alan..!
I yahoo'd your previous message and found that :
In there, they talk about postal workers having trouble with *wild* turkeys..! No wonder... they are *wild* turkeys..!!! lol
But Québec postmen might have to wait few years before getting in such problems...! Wild Turkeys just being recently re-introduced into the province... But a good friend who was into *wild turkey* growing at his place told me those birds were quite agressive when comes the time for killing to get meat... Sharp nails(?) at the tip of their feet...!
Have a great week..! Slan.!
At 2:12 on April 5, 2008, WWM said…
Hey Alan..!
Do I have to say I am speechless after watching the chant of the Brush Turkeys..?
Seriously... I will have to think about it... and dig aroung a bit more about these fascinating birds...!
One thing I wonder is : why do Buddists leave there back doors wide open..?
Many thanks anyhow... that brings me another point of view about birds and their relationship with us... where it is still an option..!!!
At 4:31 on April 4, 2008, element said…
Hey Alan ... Thanks for the photos and the links. That is quite a story. What a wonderful find for the families to have closure after all this time. I am not in the navy but have many friends that are. A number of them will be interested to see the info on this ship.
Fair winds, clear skies. element.
At 13:46 on March 28, 2008, WWM said…
Hi Alan..!
Few words to signify the arrival of the Brush Turkeys in Québec..! Thanks..!
I will watch it on computer... not readable on the player hooked on t.v... That happened sometimes... Could your broadcast format be *PAL*? Here, everything is on *NTSC*.
Anyhow... it arrived on March 26th... after a 14 days long travel..!
As soon as I get the chance to, I will watch it and let you know afterward... THANKS..!!!
And have a great day, without lightning strikes..! ;-)
At 4:56 on March 27, 2008, Alan Parker(Australia) said…
Element.The system kicked me off,sorry.I didn`t hang up on you!!!!
At 20:18 on February 21, 2008, WWM said…
Wow..!!! Good to hear from you..!
And that was a toward-the-south trip..? My geographic positions were a bit upside down..!!! ;-)
Sounds like you both had an amazing one..!
Congrats for the grand-son..!
Catch you sooner or later within the chatroom somewhere..!
At 18:08 on February 3, 2008, WWM said…
Hi Alan..!
I wish you a great trip up North..! Drive or bike safely..! Best of the wishes for your daughter too, as well as for the new one..!
I hope you'll get tickets for Mr. Irvine..! Let me know how that was...!
Now, I wonder... do Brush Turkeys have charism..? ;-)
P.s. I you ever meet Kat, say "hi!" from me..!
At 7:15 on January 27, 2008, Alan Parker(Australia) said…
Gooday,Kat.No,we`ve not had much rain here at all,although our tanks are full!
Everything`s growing here,including the weeds.
Bye for now.
At 7:02 on January 27, 2008, Kat said…
Hey Alan
What do you mean where have I been??lol
no where really!LOL. i've been busy with work mostly! How is where you live, are you's under water and flooded?? we arn't, though the burdekin dam is at full capacity! I live near the burdekin river!
Talk to ya later!
At 23:21 on January 19, 2008, Ole Steen said…
hi Alan,
How are You?
Did U ask for the ancient name for thr didge in shop nearby.
Slán ...Ole
At 3:21 on January 15, 2008, Kat said…
Hey Alan,
Yeah, it's nice to know I'm not the only member within a 1000km radius, lol. I'm a north queenslander as you would have guessed from my profile. I was down your way a couple of weeks ago. We went down on holidays, and brought all the rain with us. It rained the Whole time I was in Brisbane, lol. Is it still raining where you are? I heard in the chatroom, you had a tornado????
Yeah, everyones been really nice to me!!!The people here are awesome!
Nice hearing from ya,
At 14:20 on January 12, 2008, Ole Steen said…
Hi Alan. It was nice talking with you this night (it was: 2:00 a m in Germany)
Yes, i like the Didgeridoo and his sound. the old Australian name is Yedaki ... is this correct?
I´ll building my own Didge, with different materials.
we read us... Ole
At 8:05 on January 12, 2008, WWM said…
Hey Alan..!
How are you...? Well, I hope..!
I'm so happy you've found Kat..!
She's your neighbour... everything being relatives..! lol
Have a good week-end, and catch you sometimes into the chatroom..!
At 1:51 on January 4, 2008, WWM said…
Bonne et heureuse année à toi et tes proches, Alan..!

Health, Music, good times, Guinness, etc. etc.!!!

Thanks for the dvd's..! They don't work on my living room reader (ntsc) but works great on my computer..! I have only watch the first 15 minutes... and came close to cry... Great stuff... really..!!! And Dezi is a great one..!!! ;-)
I will have to take it little by little, to enjoy every seconds of it...!

Great cameraman...!

Looking forward to catch you sometimes in the chatroom soon..! In the meantime, take care and enjoy..!


P.s. the photos are amazing...!
At 21:15 on December 26, 2007, Alan Parker(Australia) said…
Linda.Where are you!
At 21:14 on December 26, 2007, Alan Parker(Australia) said…
Clare De Loon. Hello again. You`ll find two good versions of that great song on
One (as I suspected) by Brook Benton and the other by Conway Twitty.
Happy listening. Alan
At 5:15 on December 25, 2007, Clare de Loon said…
Hi Alan, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Lovely having the chance to stay up late a few nights lately and chat. A new year's request? Could you upload a photo so I don't have to look at that horrible gray alien picture? If you don't want to upload a photo of yourself, you could use a photo of a bird or a plane..... lol, Clare

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