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At 19:27 on March 3, 2008, MacDara said…
Bien sur! Here is an address you can buy them online:

Canada is a vast Country. I can't wait to go there!
Slán go fóill,
bye for now,

At 23:23 on March 2, 2008, Peter said…
Dia dhuit a Macdara. I haven't received your CD yet & I'm looking forward to hearing it as I like the tracks that I have heard. HMV say it's out of stock. Well that must be a good thing for you as it must be selling very well. Ádh mór ort.
I expect that you are busy gigging about at the moment? I know there's the one in Belfast this month.
Will Lasairfhíona be getting a page on here? She must be a very busy young lady herself & there are many people that like her. The photo's that you have taken of her a really lovely & a lovely location. I like photography myself, is it a hobby of yours when you get some free time?
I like the sean nós way of singing as well. I had to look that one up....Does it mean, "The old way"? I know that it differs from sean nós in Donegal. You have to be good sing it as there is generally no accompanyment. the track that Lasairfhíona sings called Oileán Na Teiscinn is really moving, would that be a sort of sean nós style?
Anyway I hope that I can get along to your Belfast gig. (I apologise if my Irish is bad but I am picking up a few words & use the phrase book, so I hope I am not saying anything bad)? Who could anyway about such a talented person as yourself.
Le gach dea-mhéin, le gach beannacht.
Slán go fóill.
At 16:30 on February 24, 2008, Peter said…
Hi MacDara. Hope that your well & I hope to get to your gig next month. Slán. Pete.
At 20:20 on February 19, 2008, Ole Steen said…
dear MacDara, i have add your music on my page. I´ve seen you have a CD available.

At 15:15 on February 18, 2008, Daniel Wieszczycki said…
It's nice to see Lasairfhíona's brother here :) Have your CD and I like it. I've met Lasairfhíona during Cape Clear Storytelling festival some time ago and I hope I'll see you performing live too. Maybe this time you will come to Poland? :) We would be glad to see you on one of the events organized by Warsaw branch of Polish-Irish Society.
At 23:44 on February 17, 2008, Jennifer O'Brien-Tomka said…
Dia dhuit. Glad to see you have a page on LI! I was fortunate to spend a few days on Inis Oirr in 2004 and I happened to wander into your mother's shop while I was searching for Lasairfhiona's C.D.

You have a wonderful voice and I'm glad to see that you're putting out a C.D. as well. I be sure to grab a copy and hopefully make my way back to Inis Oirr again next year.
At 21:58 on February 17, 2008, John M. Keane said…
Let me know when you are NY or NJ bound. Would love to meet and hear you perform.
Go mbeannaí Dia duit
At 20:45 on February 17, 2008, MacDara said…
Hi Kate,

I have a CD. It is available from:

Very long address I know!

I'm very happy you like my music.


At 20:30 on February 17, 2008, Kate said…
Hi, lovely outlook on life & lovely music!

Do you have a cd available?
At 19:39 on February 17, 2008, John M. Keane said…

Thanks, I enjoyed those samples. Sound great. My Irish roots are in Tourmakeady, Mayo, Dublin, and Longford.
At 17:39 on February 17, 2008, John M. Keane said…

Is there anywhere I can listen to samples of your Music.

At 1:00 on February 14, 2008, Caitlyn said…
Hi! i agree family guy is a great hope to see you around!!
At 14:02 on February 12, 2008, Tim said…
I will take you at your word that Inishere is the loveliest of the Aran Isles. It must be a great place--because we loved Inish Mor--so we will definitely have to visit Inishere on our next trip. Our oldest daughter and her husband are making their inaugural trip to Ireland this March. They had wanted to visit the Aran Isles, but time and sea sickness for my son-in-law will prrevent it this time.
Love the music by the way.
At 22:30 on February 11, 2008, WWM said…
Hi MacDara..!
Thanks for the invitation..! Here I am..! ;-)
And here I came to discover a nice and warm voice..! Thanks for sharing,... and keep on singing..!
At 16:39 on February 11, 2008, Lynne Erin Flanery said…
Hi, I see through Tim's site that you live in Ireland and am interested in maybe finding a place to live for myself. Is there somewhere that is affordable for a US Federal Government retiree?? Thank you, Lynne
At 15:53 on February 11, 2008, Tim said…
Ta bron orm. I misread your profile and then saw your song about Dun Aengus and put the wrong things together to come to the wrong island!!!!
have a great day--We will have to get to Inishere next time as well--we were suppose to go there when we were on Inish Mor, but we never left until it was time to go back to Rossaveal.
At 14:40 on February 11, 2008, Tim said…
Does your family own the woolen craft shop??? Also there was a gentleman on the island who played the accordion and we met him on our walk up to Dun Aengus--he also was in the pub we frequented at night--I forget his name-he was a nice guy, just wondering if he was still around.
At 15:46 on February 10, 2008, Tim said…
We probably did bump into each other, as we visited every shop we could find!!!!!
Great music at night & friendly people.
At 0:02 on February 10, 2008, Tim said…
My wife and I spent 3 nights on the island 5 years ago--absolutely loved it and can't wait to get back.
At 21:26 on February 9, 2008, Tim said…
Thanks for inviting me to be a friend. Welcome to the group.

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