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At 20:00 on January 13, 2009, Sionnach said…
Hi there Friend,
To answer your question about my Marine background and the Asia connection, it wasn't from my Marine Corps days at all but rather from my love of Asian cuisine because of being a vegitarian for the past 30 years or so. I also enjoy middle eastern food the same way since much of that is also in the same style.
I also have a good friend locally that is part of the same family that runs the Kit Hong restaurant in Kinnelon, New Jersey which is approx. a mile away from where we live.
Sorry to have taken so long to reply as we've been experiencing some seasonal illness here and I've been on nursing duty.
Talk to me soon and be good to yourself in the meanwhile.
At 22:23 on January 2, 2009, Arco McBride said…
Thanks for remembering my birthday OWH3 (Debbie??)

I'm doing great here at this side of the big water.
How are you doing??
I hope you where with your kids and Grandkid during these day's.

I wish you all the luck and happyness for the new Year.
Hope to chat with you soon.
At 18:02 on December 28, 2008, WWM said…
Hi Oldwarhorse3..!
How are you..? Ok so far for this Holiday Season.?
Everything is ok so far up here ;-)
At 20:31 on December 13, 2008, Sónia said…
Hi Oldwarhorse3!

Its all well with me, thank you!
Its been a while since we talk last time… It was nice to ear from you, and what lovely pictures you have here. Your grandson is a beautiful baby, congratulations!
Thanks for your Christmas wishes, and all of good for you and all your family is what I wish for you too!
Blessings and hugs!
At 6:24 on December 13, 2008, WWM said…
I hope you're doing ok... and not working too hard...! Just enough..!!! lol
Take care... and if you and I do not connect before, well.. make yourself a Great Christmas Season (and some holidays..?)
Take care,
P.s. I've watch the Bungee file... and I think the Gator got a head for breakfast... not sure but... :-(
At 14:50 on December 12, 2008, Sónia said…
At 9:05 on December 8, 2008, sarah said…
I am glad to hear you like the photos.
Harbin,I know the city.It's a beautiful city.In particular in winter.One of my best friends is here.
Ice Festival is very famous to everyone in my country. It's attarcted many people from many countries.
You say you have been there twice,I hope you love it and welcome the
At 14:40 on December 7, 2008, Dimitris K. said…
Hey OWH!

Thanks for the interest!! I am fine! (although my city isn't ... :( ).. Hope that the riots will end soon and the anarchists stop damaging innocent's people property....

Best wishes!
At 19:39 on December 4, 2008, Dan Moore said…

Thanks for the warm welcome. Nice to meet a fellow horse lover.
At 16:37 on November 21, 2008, Leven said…
Hey OWH!
No I didn't have to get a new page since I got married. I left LI for awhile for various reasons. I decided to return and see how things are. Your pictures are marvelous!!! The ice sculptures and climbing look neat. It's snowing here, but not sticking at all! Bummer :(
Will try to drop in and visit in the room sometime this weekend. Take care. God Bless You Always!
At 21:12 on November 10, 2008, Jeremiah Fay said…
My mother passed away this morning.
At 17:34 on November 10, 2008, Wyrd's Wife said…
Congratulations, Granny! It's such an amazing experience - I'm sure that you'll enjoy every moment.
At 15:23 on November 10, 2008, Charlene said…
aheès gorgeous, OWH3. Congrats again! Enjoy him while you can!
At 2:29 on October 30, 2008, Cheryl said…
Hi there! I am happy to meet a fellow Floridian, too! I am living near Yamato and Military. I will have to check out the chat rooms soon. I love your photos! Have you made it to Ireland yet? I am trying to get a trip planned for early next year! I hope you're having a great week :-)
At 15:22 on October 27, 2008, Lawrence said…
Hi thanks for the comment. The picture was taken a year ago I think she is 4. Rockie has friends that come by our house that are twice her size that play in our yard and trees.
At 16:01 on October 24, 2008, Mico Peng said…
your life is wonderful, enjoy!!!
At 14:25 on October 23, 2008, Sónia said…
Beautiful… humble… and it even gets worse… With a great sense of humor!
I surrender to you! :o)
You are just great and for me is a honor to have such friends as you!
Really hope we be able to chat again soon!

Take care,
At 11:22 on October 23, 2008, Sónia said…
Hi Oldwarhorse 3!

Nice to talk with you on the chat in the other day. Hope to find you there again soon! You are a beautiful Lady, should use a name more appropriated to you and not old war horse 3! ;o)

Many blessings!
At 1:51 on October 22, 2008, Mico Peng said…
In China, there have many cities could go if you have more spare time, Did you have saw Beijing Olympic Games? that's very great. I think more and more people to know the china and china cultures. If you visit to China next time, go to Beijing or Jiangshu,

Enjoy yourself and Have a nice day!

At 1:58 on October 21, 2008, Mico Peng said…
Hi Owh,
Nice to meet you, thanks for adding me as friend.
Haerbin is beautiful city, I also like it very much, but I never go,because it's too far for me, due to work still busy, I haven't spare time to visit it.
Maybe it's snowing, many people like skee, hehe.........good sport!!!

Happy everyday@

Mico :-)

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