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At 8:00 on October 18, 2012, WWM said…

Hello Sara : I hope things are ok with you and close ones..



At 0:04 on August 2, 2009, Sara said…
Dianne, How are you? Thanks for the comment. Its been a while. I hope every thing have is going good for you. Let me know if you have messanger so we can chat sometime.

Your Friend Sara
At 18:00 on July 15, 2009, Siusan O'Rourke & Zig Zeitler said…
Love the doggie pics!
Take a minute and Add us on to your Friend roster!

You cant have 2 many friends!
Check us out @
& visit our Conservatory in Saginaw MI @
Siusan & Zig
At 13:59 on June 19, 2009, Sharon said…
I think you might like to go to:

Great bookl I just finished.
At 14:50 on June 4, 2009, james c. spencer said…
Happy birthday. You will have lots of them.I found this thought in a book i was reading-We are travelers on a cosmic journey-stardust,swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal.But the expressions of life are ephemeral,momentary,transient.We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet,to love,to share.This is a precious moment,but it is transient.It is a little parenthesis in eternity.If we share with caring,lightheartedness, and love,we will create abundance and joy for each other. And then this moment will have been worthwhile.take care, james spencer
At 2:14 on February 26, 2009, Sara said…
Owaiss, Hi! How are you? Yes I belive heavy metals play a bid part in all this. I just stay away from all those toxins and keep my strenth up. I fight my MS anyway I can.

At 21:41 on February 25, 2009, owaiss said…
Hello Sara ,

sometimes life could be very cruel, but it learn us very precious things.

Hard circumstances give us a chance to see our life differently ,and

one of these great lessons we may learn is the change of life ...

Sare you will get your health quickly , it's just a matter of exam .

and you will pass it ...

My Regards


At 0:51 on December 24, 2008, james walters said…
Hello Sara
I have an interesting life and have come across a number of people who have beating those things you say you have. They are hard ones to have no doubt but the main thing is WHY do you have them genetics is a small part of the equation for health.
The things inside your body that should not be there are for most people the reason why they are sick. Heavy Metals and chemicals and very very small bugs are the main reason.
I know as I have had problems with my health somewhat like you. Most people are not interested in getting better just listening to the doctors advise and if that is what you wish OK.
There are a few books out there that may help you. It will take you to make that choice. I hope you can take this with joy and not anything else and if you wish I will share with you the names of a few books I have. I will wait for that time and see if you wish to make that step as so many people are just afraid to do anything. I hope you do. James:)
At 6:16 on July 11, 2008, WWM said…
Hello Sara...
I just drop in to say *hi* and to ask *how are you going..?*
I hope everythings are going fine with you, Alec the turtle guy, and all your close ones...
Feel free to drop a word whenever you feels like it... and in the meantime, the best for you..!
At 16:56 on March 26, 2008, josephsscott said…
beagles and bassett hounds... dogs don't getting any cooler than that. as for guns, i wish they would all simply vanish. have a great spring
At 5:51 on March 21, 2008, Sara said…
Spring is here but now is the sloppy part until it feels like it. As for the gluten-free diet its very hard but I will manage somehow. My son is good... He can't wait until he is old enough for gun training. He is already saving up for a gun. So ya theres lots of interest.
Take Care
At 0:49 on March 21, 2008, WWM said…
Hey Sara..!
Thanks for the invitation..!
I thought we were friends since long time..??!!!
Good thing you checked it out..! ;-)
Glad to hear you are feeling better... Plus spring is at the door (officially arrived earlier today...!) so the timing is perfect..!
It is certainly not fun to deal with a gluten-free lifestyle on a daily basis... Courage...!
Take care,
P.s How's the boy..? Always curious about wildlife..? The best gift for him is certainly *interest*, which I'm sure you manage to provide him with lots..! ;-)
At 23:00 on March 20, 2008, Macu said…
Hi Sarah:

Thanks for asking me to be your friend, I hope we can chat soon. I'm not used to this site yet and I don't have a blog anywhere else, so I'm learning how to download stuff and etc. and in English... Let's see what happens :) Take care. Cya.
At 22:11 on March 17, 2008, Sara said…

Thanks for adding me to your group of friends. Yes there's lots of great people here. Hope to chat with ya soon.
At 17:42 on March 15, 2008, John said…
well actually i do have MSN and a chat would be grand.. haven't used it in a while however. i think the last time i used it everyone on my list of friends had vanished or something! :)
At 5:39 on March 14, 2008, Rick said…
Hey Sara, always nice to make new friends here where people seem to share a love of Irish music. I hope we get to chat sometime since our time zones are not so far apart. :-)
At 12:35 on March 13, 2008, John said…
Hi Sara, thanks for adding me to your list of friends on liveIreland. I think spring time is finally arriving here in St. Louis so it can't be far behind for you.
cheers! Slan
At 20:12 on March 12, 2008, oldwarhorse3 said…
Hi Sara! So glad to hear you're feeling a little better. My trip to China was great! I added some pictures to my page. Not sure what I'm doing for St. Patrick's, its possible I might be working down at the track, we'll have to dress the horses all in green! LOL!! I've left my job at the small animal clinic and am working the horses full time for the time being. We'll see what happens. Hope you continue to feel better and I'll keep praying that you improve and are cured soon!!
At 20:44 on January 21, 2008, David O'Nashville said…
Hi Sara! I like this site much better than MySpace.
Hope you're doing well!
At 6:53 on January 16, 2008, Ole Steen said…
Hello Sara,

Thank U for the friends invite. I hope you have fun and a great time on my.liveireland. Greetings from Dresden to Janesville.
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