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At 23:46 on November 20, 2007, WWM said…
Hi Rusty..!
Happy Thanksgiving to you too..!
And please, try to leave at least a pair of Quails (one of each gender, preferably..!) alive after the week-end..! For preservation..! ;-)
I like pink... although I might repaint my wall pretty soon..!
At 6:08 on November 20, 2007, Linda_TX said…
And a merry Thanksgiving to you, Russell! Have a great down-home meal, eat 'til yer ready to pop, and collapse on the couch to watch football!!! (after you help with the after meal clean-up, of course LOL)
At 1:53 on November 20, 2007, Fran J said…
Don't know about the hunting but the beekeeping sounds good. There's a few beekeepers in my region. So we have a good range of honey to choose from.
At 20:36 on November 19, 2007, Dabhoch said…
Hey, Rusty.>!! The Hobbit went great..!! Almost sold out houses and they were very excited..!! I had a ball..!!
Here's hoping you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving..!!
At 20:10 on November 19, 2007, Garry the Teddybruin said…
Rusty, I hope your Thanksgiving will be great.

Go UH (University of Hawai'i) Warriors.

Garry the Teddybruin
At 15:15 on November 14, 2007, Duchess Lass (TN) said…
I didn't know you were a farm boy. How wonderful!! This means you and I are more than likely one of the few that really knows the meaning of "hard days work"

At 3:02 on November 13, 2007, WWM said…
Hi Rusty,
After thinking about it, I might as well start walking right away toward WV... Doing so, at 4 miles per hour, 16 hours a day, that might save LD to come up too far north to pick me up..! Weather is getting colder here, and I don't know if her tractor has what we call here a "block heater"..!!! Thanksgiving... well maybe a more realistic scenario would be Christmas Party..? ;-) I'll have to talk to LD about that.....! lol Thanks for the invitation... looking at some of your pictures again, I'm sure you will appreciate a bit of help...! ha! ha! ha!
At 16:59 on November 12, 2007, Wendy Johnson said…
HI There!

Thanks for the note. I have never been on LL Chat, maybe I should start! :)

At 2:12 on November 12, 2007, WWM said…
Hi Rusty..!
To be honest, I have never come to know a Québécois named "Julie"... Many Québécoise, though..!
The nearest match would be "Julien", the french way of "Julian", I guess...
This being said, you are welcome to come back here and introduce me to "Julie"...
Ah... just thinking about it,... maybe the "Julie" you met is a trans-sexual person..? ;-)
Take care, and get ready to see LD and I arriving to visit you on her tractor...!!!
At 8:24 on November 11, 2007, WWM said…
Hello Rusty...! Hi Wendy...!
Hope everything is fine with both of you
At 17:59 on November 8, 2007, Carol said…
Hey Rusty how much land do u farm in Georgia???Since you redone a tractor you must be a farmer....Do you raise peanuts there? Just checking....cause u are sort of a nut....haha ...luv ya! Hey when are you leaving to go hunting? Are you going to be gone for my birthday...the 14th....just checking....Yes do send me pictures of your trophys....Hugs, Carol
At 0:59 on November 7, 2007, WWM said…
Hey Rusty..!
Looking at your pictures, I'm sure you would need a hand or two at fixing your tractor..! I might drop in with LD one of these days..!
Take care,
At 14:44 on November 6, 2007, Heather Lewin-Tiarks said…
I'm glad you liked the videos.
We love Amy's bodhran playing too.

I'm a fiddler when I'm playing Irish dance tunes, but I'm a violinist when I'm playing more 'classical' stuff. I'm also a violist and a cellist.
At 1:08 on November 2, 2007, Carol said…
Hey Rusty did you and your son get any deer? Our deer season opens this weekend. Its the first weekend. I am sure my boys will be out to get them. My one sone has like a ten point buck wondering around in the back of his place. He set a motion camera out in the back yard one day and seen all kinds of deer on camera. It even says what time the deer were there and what the temperature is. Have you ever seen those kind of cameras. They are neat. He showed it to us on his laptop.
What kind of things are u going hunting for this month and when do u go?
Irish Blessings,
At 15:40 on November 1, 2007, Sceállóg Ó Tacoma said…
The 28 guage is a Remington and just about any sporting goods place should have plenty of ammo. It is a faily common guage.
At 13:13 on October 31, 2007, Sceállóg Ó Tacoma said…
28 guage is a good small bird gun. Love mine. Have had it since I was 12 years old. Used to use it on rabbit in the South too. 7 1/2 shot, modified choke. Good range, good pattern. Cuts kindling really well.
At 15:29 on October 30, 2007, Sceállóg Ó Tacoma said…
Ha! If I get one I will not only take pictures, it may be on the evening news! I was skunked the last four times I went Spruce Grouse hunting. Those devils live in the densest forest around here. I tend to use my 28 gauge ammo as a wood cutting instrument there. And they are very fast flyers as well. I'll keep you informed though.
At 13:29 on October 30, 2007, Sceállóg Ó Tacoma said…
Nope. Going out looking for the Sprucies this weekend though.
At 1:33 on October 29, 2007, Lisa said…
It has been awhile since I have seen yer smilin' face! It tis nice to see this wonderful place. I hope to catch up with you soon. Take care and God Bless you!
At 3:49 on October 27, 2007, Linda_TX said…
Hi, Rusty! Good to see you here. I rarely get to LI anymore...when I do, you're not there. I'm glad you're past the tax deadline.....I wasn't part of it (what a relief...hehehe). I don't think I could have handled that and my stuff at home too. BTW...I love your tractor pics.

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