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At 6:19 on October 26, 2008, Sir Nicolas J. Bertolero said…
Love the music you've got on your page, especially the dueling bagpipes! :-D
At 6:17 on October 26, 2008, Sir Nicolas J. Bertolero said…
Hi Sonia :)

I can be sure of my salvation and my spiritual discernment. Don't worry, you didn't scare me and I do appreciate your willingness to help others - especially those you don't even know. You have a good heart. I pray for the Lord Jesus' blessings on you and yours and may He draw nearer to you through his love and His ever brilliant light shine in the darkness though it not comprehend it (John 1:5).

Sláinte Mhaith!
At 19:11 on October 25, 2008, Sir Nicolas J. Bertolero said…
Hello Sonia, I appreciate the concern but we don't see eye to eye on this sort of thing. I believe spirit guides and the like are demons/evil spirits that come across good little guides but in reality they're deceivers and vagabonds. Whatever message you received from them about me were lies and absolutetly did not apply to me whatsoever. I believe there is only power through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and only through Him can divine inspiration come from. I thank you though for your care and concern, but please don't send any more of those message to me. Take care! :)
At 20:07 on October 24, 2008, Michelle said…
Thank you Sonia =)
Im happy to be a part of such a wonderful place.
At 14:34 on October 24, 2008, Macu said…
Hi Sonia:

Yes, I know that I'll come back some day as well a s I know that'll come to Ireland where I left my heart and you'll make to the place you want to. Your feet will take you where you heart is.

Hugs and blessings

At 13:18 on October 24, 2008, oldwarhorse3 said…
And I'm honored to have you as a friend to!! HUGS!!!
Did I ever tell you I visited a real Buddhist temple in China? My son's mother-in-law is Buddhist and she took us there the first time I went to China in 2005. It was beautiful, we even got to burn some incense. I went there again this past Feb. and went to a Confucius temple. Not as breath taking as the Buddhist but beautiful too.
Take care!!!
At 12:10 on October 23, 2008, oldwarhorse3 said…
Hi Sonia!
Thanks for the invite. I've enjoyed our chats too. Your page is great!! And thanks for the compliment but anyone can look decent next to a horse!! LOL!! My name here is actually a nickname my Dad gave me when I was very young. He passed away 5 years ago so each time I use the name it reminds me of him. See you in the room again soon!!
At 19:28 on October 22, 2008, sepp said…
thanks for the welcome. keep the wind behind you, your heart and mind open and throw those blinkers away. god bless you with a strong body , a stronger mind and keen senses.
At 15:04 on October 21, 2008, Macu said…
Hi Sónia:

It was nice to chat with you on LI today. I'm sorry to hear that you have hurt your back. Must be really painful. I'm going to pray for your full recover and that there are not consequences for the future.
It's Machu Picchu and few other pictures too. You can see all of then in the album of the same name. I was there and in Cuzco last year. It's a beautiful place. It's amazing to see the place the Inca culture chose to live and the way they built that hiden city.
I'm sure you will be there some day. I like it a lot but my heart got conquered by Cuzco. I have my ticket to come back there by the end of the year, but right now it doesn't seem possible.

We'll see what time brings around.

Take care and that Jesus send angels to protect you.

At 0:12 on October 21, 2008, Macu said…
Hi Sonia:

I'm Macu from Argentina. How are you these days? Long time not to see. I hope everything is going great with you.


At 21:08 on October 13, 2008, Felicia said…
You will be magnificent at all you put your hand to..It is in the way you communicate and the way you treat people; you are a classy person and I know you will go on to bigger and even better things.
At 6:13 on October 12, 2008, Andrew said…
Thanks for the compliments about my pictures. Yes I do love nature and enjoy photographing it every chance I get. You have some beautiful pictures yourself.

At 2:17 on October 12, 2008, Rebecca Gresty said…
Glad to hear you do Bio-Reiki, it's pretty powerful energy. I've had a reiki-master friend of mine help me out with a few sessions of that. It really does help an awful lot! I have up to grade II and use it for myself, but when my energy is high enough and I feel good, I do some distance-work too. It changes your outlook on life doesn't it?
At 15:33 on October 1, 2008, Felicia said…
Hi Sonia! It has been so long since we have spoken. I hope this note finds you well. I have been hopelessly busy with the workload for my classes, work and my home life, so I have had little to no social life, including blogging : ( I miss hitting the chat room and reading all the new stuff people have added to their pages. I miss our talks and hope to catch up soon!
At 1:47 on September 27, 2008, Rebecca Gresty said…
Hi Sonia, how are you? I do Reiki too, I've done up to Level 2. How long have you been studying and working with it for?
At 5:50 on September 2, 2008, Bob Kirby said…
You are a very lucky young lady to have found peace and contentment in your life while still so young. I have searched for those things for 74 years.
At 16:25 on August 29, 2008, owaiss said…
Sonia you are a cause of happiness to others here .

when i hear your music in the irish flavour , i live my best moments, .. i belive in every one give a small rose to others , in our days we need some love us , take care of us , just to express about our internal peace to all the world .

see you soon

مع افضل التحيات
At 14:37 on August 29, 2008, Felicia said…
Hi! Just wanted to say hello and to apologize for not being in touch mroe often; it has been a very busy and difficult time for me, but I hope you are well and happy. Saln mo chara.
At 23:46 on August 1, 2008, Felicia said…
Miss talkingto you so much my friend--I hope all is well and I have been thinking about some things that I want toshare in email later on--have ot run--HUGE projects due for class on Monday ad I have ot get my car inspected tomorrow-augh.
At 10:51 on July 31, 2008, owaiss said…
Salam Sonia ( Hello in Arabic ) ,

thanks deaplly to your comment , believe me every one if he plant a small seed into the gorund , this small seed will add to him more meaning of happiness to his life .


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