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At 18:34 on July 26, 2011, Felicia said…

Miss you so much Sonia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At 7:30 on April 3, 2010, michael john croke said…

Gracias Sonia ! have a great Easter !Mike ;))
At 22:27 on April 2, 2010, owaiss said…

At 22:17 on April 2, 2010, owaiss said…
Sonia my dear friend .... thanks alot to your words and wishes and emails .. and may God keep your smile shining always as a star .

By the way , i have read your email right now about The Next Top Spiritual Author‏ , and i guess you are one of the best :) ,

i will read your works there and i will send to you my comments

Proud always in your friendship

At 20:33 on January 14, 2010, Felicia said…
Hello my friend! I have been thinking about you quite a bit and hope oyu have had a good holiday season. I hope all is well. what are you up to these days? Love the profile picture--you look serene and very happy.
At 19:18 on January 1, 2010, Felicia said…
Happy New Year! Make it a blessed year : )
At 12:25 on January 1, 2010, owaiss said…
Dear Sonia , i'm always happy in your words , i wish to you and to your family the best in 2010 , i guess this year will be very good for all of us ( this is my anticipation) .

Life always sweet by her makers.. and you are one of them ..

At 4:40pm on December 24, 2009, owaiss gave Sónia a gift
At 16:39 on December 24, 2009, owaiss said…
Thanks a lot dear Sonia … I wish to u the best in 2010 
I'm so sorry to my absence here , but u can guess where I'm right now  ?
I'm doing my military service here in Syria , so rarely I have a chance to check my email , but the best friends stay always in memory …

At 14:37 on September 10, 2009, Felicia said…
Hi Sonia--my dear friend! I miss you so much! I am elated that you have had a chance to see my photos on Face Book--I have to figure out how to load more in here without going over the limit, because there are many fun ones to share.

School is very busy--I have four classes at masters level, so the work is a lot and intensive, but two have not started yet, so it has given me a little window to get done some of the work for the first two, which is always a a relief.

My daughters are back to school this week and it presents its own kind of challenge on my sleep and driving them in/getting them home etc. They are returning to dance classes this year with a new teacher so that too will be new and challenging, but lots of fun Ia m sure. Stay in touch--check out the snaps I took in Philadelphia on Face Book--we went to the center of the city on Sunday before our Labor Day Monday (holiday) and had a lot of fun.
At 11:39 on August 9, 2009, Felicia said…
Hello Sonia!
Here is a quick rundown on all that has transpired since I got here:
I had to downsize my luggage or pay $45.00, so they gave me a bag and I threw shoes and toiletries into it and a heavier sweater. Flight delay in Philadelphia, over 1,000 people tied up at Security in London, but I made my connection with 10 minutes to spare and arrived safely in Edinburgh and got a taxi to school.

When I was unpacking, I discovered that my shampoo bottle's lid had gotten broken and leaked not only on everything in the zip top bag but also the polybag that the airline had given me! I found this out because it dripped on the bed where I had placed it so I could go through it! By this time I was a little cranky, especially because the room is up four flights of steps and down two sets of corridors, and I had to make two trips back and forth to the reception area to lug my stuff. The reception area is a 1/4 mile form the dorm that I am in. Also there is no interente access in the dorms because of the multitude of work that is going on all over campus.

After I get settled, I find my friend Carissa, who I had been corresponding with prior to the trip and we went to a local place calle=d The Crags for dinner. The Crags are actually part of the mountain landscape behind the University of Edinburgh and they run right onto Arthur's Seat, the peak point mountain that overlooks all of Edinburgh. I have not sclaed to the top yet, but I plan to do so one day soon.

On Monday, we had breakfast and then headed into the center of the city to check out the varietal festival set ups and took a bus tour before heading back for dinner. CArissa already has a multitude of health issues, but somehow still managed ot make it worse by snapping her big toe as she exited the bus! It has made getting around a bit of a strecth.

Tuesdaythrough Friday were a series of lectures, classes, and post class editorial groups plus evening poetry reading, tutors' reading /acting circle and so on. I also managed to gfo with my friend Andrea to the Museum of Childhood, which houses antique toys form the various eras and the Arcadia students visited Edinburgh CAstle on Thursday afternoon. I ran one of the editorial groups on Life Writng on Friday and yesterday, CArissa, Andrea and I took a cab in town to preserve CArissa's foot, where we caught a train out to New Berwick. We had a lovely fish n chip lunch and then got a cab to a castle called Tantullan. There was a wedding going on and it was absolutely the best thuing we did by getting out of the crowded city for the day to refresh ourselves! We took a bus back and caught the end of the Highland Game bands processing through the streets, before missing a train and waiting an hour for another. There were some drummers and their dog on our coach and they were great fun to talk to. The dog Suzie was a lovely little dog and she kept us company mostly ont ehtrip back, but the girl with them was a mess. She was so drunk, she literally fell over after stepping off the train, . As she lain strewn ont he ground, I made her get up on her feet since her mates were loaded with drums. She was a wretched thing, but I set her straight and they got her into a cab finally!

We made our way back to campus and hoped ot eat dinner but had to settle for the worst excuse for nachos the closed kitchen could manage for us instead. I felll asleep after writing a littloe morew for class and awoke relatively late this morning at 8am. There are 2,00 American high school students here this week and it is amazing the noise and slamming doors-argh! There are many pipers and so on and they actualy make less noise even when plahying than the American kids. I am embarrassed at their rudeness too, but they sure can sing.

Today, Andrea and I might catch up and head into town to go to the festovals and to see a play tonight. I would also like ot go to a comedy show if possible, but I am lacking funds. Carissa took a highland tour very early this morning and the rest of the students are kind of incognito. I imagine they made plans in clusters and took off early. Oh well, I have to go. I have a lot of homework to work on . Check out my facenbook page--the pictures are all there : ) All the Best! Felicia
PS-I hope all is well.
At 13:32 on August 1, 2009, Felicia said…
Wow! Your page is even more amazing than last I vivited! I am celebrating my 11 year anniversary today and leaving for Edinburgh University tonight. I got into a creative writing clas there. It is excelerated so I will only be there 3 weeks, but it is also festival season and I have reached out via email to some of the attendees and hope to make some new friends too.

I hope everything is improving on your end and as always, I miss talking to you. Iwill try my best to blog some news while away, but my past attempts haven't worked out so well. I have a very difficult time sending pictures to my page on theis site so I sometimes put them on facebook or snapfish. I need to find some timeot come back on this sitethouggh--I miss it so much.

At 14:02 on July 28, 2009, owaiss said…
Hello Sonia , I hardly find time to pass here ... My good friends always in mind ... talk soon on MSN messenger .

bye bye
At 23:01 on May 6, 2009, Greg Bradley said…
Thanks for the friendship, I really like the Native art on your page...Although I am Irish, I have 1/4 Cherokee blood...I look forward to chatting and exchanging comments in the future....Dia Duit and Do'hi
At 16:11 on May 5, 2009, Stephanie Galloway said…
How are you my friend? I have had 2 art shows in the last 2 months.I am on a lucky streak.Hope you are dooing well!
At 18:09 on April 29, 2009, owaiss said…
Hello Sonia ,

Thanks a lot to your pretty cards ....

and i agree totally with my friend Alexndre ! " Peace comes from within"

but all what we need is to rise the level of our consciousness just to

simplify all matters of life ..
At 18:08 on April 29, 2009, owaiss said…
Every hard situation will pass away exactly like this

At 14:40 on April 27, 2009, Felicia said…
I miss oyu very much and hope oyu are well. I absolutely love the new photo you posted as your identification icon! You look so happy and beautiful. I have pictures for you--some you saw on Facebook--I had trouble getting them to load here so I tried it on there knowing some friends also have facebook pages. I am crazy busy this wek with finals, but am sincerely looking for a break next week to be home and to post my pistures. I also wrote something that I want to post.
At 0:04 on April 11, 2009, oldwarhorse3 said…
There are a number of us who are also on Facebook.. perhaps you should think about joining up with that too in order to keep in touch with your LiveIreland friends.
At 17:56 on April 10, 2009, Laura Simas said…
hi Sónia

Thank you for both the blessing and the e-mail. Have a happy Easter too.

Take care.

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