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At 2:49 on February 29, 2008, Lisa said…
Thanks for adding me!
At 14:39 on February 28, 2008, Lisa said…
Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them!
At 17:08 on February 27, 2008, O'Day said…
I used to do reinactments also, The American Civil War-8th Mo. Irish Brigade,Lewis & Clark and the S.C.A. I shoot a longbow.Your photos are awesome I would love to see Iceland.

At 2:32 on February 26, 2008, Robert Brady said…
Hello Sean! Thanks for joining the Irish Gaelic Group.
You sound like a pretty busy guy but I'm sure you will learn some Irish and maybe have some fun in the process.
At 23:45 on February 23, 2008, ich said…
sorry habe den falschen Knopf gedrückt.....Lg Sylvia
At 8:41 on February 20, 2008, Sabine said…
Hello Sean.Schöne Fotos.Grüße aus Anholt.Sabine
At 22:14 on February 15, 2008, ich said…
Hello Sean.Thanks for the answer.I love the Photo with the icelandhorse.I come this year to Ireland with my girlfriend Heidi.We rent a House in the west of Ireland.We are looking per internet to rent a house.Oh good my English is School English.I hope your not Laugh.Sylvia
At 12:03 on February 15, 2008, ich said…
Hello Sean.I am Sylvia from germany.And I am 35 Years old.I have a red Icelandhorse to.She is 24 Jears old.I hope you ride back.My English is not so good,sorry
At 3:03 on February 15, 2008, Patrick Blood said…
Hey Sean,

Yep I get up quite often in a Beech Baron. Was to start flight training with Aer Lingus but got injured playing sports and missed the chance, decided to come to the states for 6 weeks.....five years ago :)
At 18:51 on February 9, 2008, Ole Steen said…
hello sean. Cén chaoi a bhfuil tú? Thank You for your patien, you wait for my answer. I´ve seen some pics of middleage on this page, is it one of Your hobbies? Mein English ist nicht das beste, aber hier im chat kann ich immer noch etwas lernen.
At 7:11 on February 6, 2008, Shane Smith said…
Thank you, I am grateful. I will keep my eye out.
At 23:16 on February 5, 2008, Martin (NL) said…
yeah, I do speak German. It's a mandatory subject the first few years of secondary school here, together with french. After those years you can choose to drop one of the two and specialise in one of them. I chose German. Actually got a chance to put it in practice last monday, because I went there.
The -ui- sound is easy for people from Scotland and Northern Ireland, because they use that sound when they mean an -ou-.
try this:
1. pronounce "earl" the RP British way (non-rhotic).
2. replace the -rl- with a very terse "yi" -->so: ea(rl)yi
whereby the stress is on the -ea(rl)-, but make that vowel terse too.

Now, there's your -ui-. I know it sounds silly, but I think this a way of approaching it.

The Chatroom is on
At 19:45 on February 5, 2008, Sandy said…
Sean, the group you are in sounds like a lot of fun! My group is similar, but with a few diferences. We sadly don't have horses. We are more informational I think then entertaining, although it sounds like you guys have a little of both! We do try to entertain, but teach mostly I think. Everyone has to be historically accurate as far as clothing and materials and tools go from 10 feet away (or closer in many cases). Right now we seem to be mainly doing the 14th century. Some from the group will go to schools and teach kids about certain topics. Most of us will go to some of the fairs and we set up several diferent areas like a blacksmithing shop, kitchen/cooking area, laundry area, small kirk, Inn, then all the tents and armor/weapons going along with a traveling army who has stopped beside a town! i could actually go on forever, but this has already gotten long so I'll stop. But it is loads of fun and I have learned a lot since working with them.
At 16:35 on February 5, 2008, Martin (NL) said…
hiya Sean,

Great you like Dutch. Great you're learning a foreign language. Many english-speaking people do'nt really feel the urge to study other languages, so I'm pretty surprised you do. But why Dutch, of all languages? It has some complicated grammar features which are hard to master. But then again, German is harder :)
Most people from abroad don't really find Dutch too pleasing to the ear and go for Scandinavian languages instead. But I'm willing to help and if you have any questions, I hope I'll be proficient in English enough to answer them, although I think I'll do fine ;)

Greetings and succes! I'll meet you in the chat someday :)
At 0:06 on February 4, 2008, eiresonia said…
after read your profile and see your pictures i see a parallel life with u or just i loved.Congratulaions because u can be pilot my dream was allways from litle be a pilot thats why im working liko airhosstage on a companie,beutifull horse too,how many u got ?im grow with horses too,im form galicia north spain,and i love ireland more irish people so im working now in what i need for get one day what i really love.Any way beatyfull pictures and if u are like on your picture gorgeuosus gay too,congratulations again,xx
At 20:02 on February 3, 2008, oldwarhorse3 said…
Beautiful photo additions, Sean! Of course I love the horse shots!! ;)
At 18:44 on February 3, 2008, Miguel said…
nice and great photos especially those about iceland and medieval scenes.

At 18:10 on February 3, 2008, Celine said…
Hello Sean!!!
Nice pics!!! I love this kind of aerial views...
Are you a member of the medieval troup?
At 2:47 on February 2, 2008, Lady Jane said…
Just have to say Sean, I love your photos..I was to Ireland and I look at my pics over and over again. Yes come visit the chat room!
At 1:51 on February 2, 2008, oldwarhorse3 said…
Hey Sean,
I use to have horses and work full time with standardbred racehorses. Now I work in a small animal vet clinic during the day and help a trainer when his horses race at night. I definitely miss working full time with the horses and am thinking about switching back if the right opportunity comes along.

You can always add and subtract things on your profile, take your time!! Have you visited the chat room yet?

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