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At 4:57 on May 1, 2008, Pat Moore said…
Hi Robert,
Finally found a moment to look over the photo group you started. Nice. I even placed a photo. Hope to spend more time for the group. Thanks for the set-up. Pat
At 21:27 on April 30, 2008, Cindy Day ( O'Day) said…
just stopping in to say hello. My grandson is wearing me out Its hard to complain when you love someone so much, I hope your enjoying you new baby also , I know you are. Have a great day friend1
At 3:33 on April 29, 2008, John M. Devlin said…
Thanks for the invite and I'll get there soon. Beautiful music and terrific slideshow. JMD
At 3:41 on April 22, 2008, Richard said…
Hello. I live in New Castle, PA. and am new to posting on the web. My mother's side of the family is from Ireland and my brother and I traveled there in 2005 to meet family that we had only recently learned about.
The scenery is fantastic and the people are "grand". I'll post some photos soon if you're interested.
I love the music and culture and am proud of my Irish heritage.
At 3:01 on April 22, 2008, WyrdWanderer said…
Thanks! Well, I was in better shape at one time. Don't know how high I will be able to hike this summer. Haven't hiked in Colorado for about 3 years. Even then, half a day was about all we would do. Still, it's worth it to get up above the timberline.
At 14:51 on April 21, 2008, Leonardo Perin said…
I'm a friend of Rodrigo Monteiro, and he has presented to me the Grúpa na Gaeilge. We talk a lot about Irish and I think in this group I'll find great people that share this same interest: The Irish.
Thank you for your welcome message,
Slan agus beannacht,
At 18:00 on April 19, 2008, Cindy Day ( O'Day) said…
Robert, when you said your daughter came over for a nap while you all watched the baby I couldn't help but laugh because that's me , I'm in your daughters shoes. I've had the baby for 12 straight days, very little sleep and needed alot of rest about now. Today is the first day he's not here. I was so tired yesterday I feel asleep beside him and we both were out of it ! We wore each other out ! ha ha I may need to drink more coffee ...
At 4:55 on April 19, 2008, Cindy Day ( O'Day) said…
HOpe the baby and your daughter are coming along very well. I took some of the pic's of us off and added some of the local area. But theres so much more to show as the summer goes on. I think the reason so many Irish settlers (like my g grandparents) moved here was it reminded them of Ireland. Not quite the same, but the closest they could find.
At 3:16 on April 19, 2008, Felicia said…
Th ephotog group will be grand as more people uutilize it.
At 2:33 on April 19, 2008, MobyD said…
Thanks for the welcome, Robert! I'll be adding photos to my own page and I'll take a look at the LiveIreland Photographers group as well. I like what you've done with this page.
At 2:57 on April 18, 2008, The Bleeding Irish said…
OMG! The Camelot was awesome before they sold it... best food in town! It was before I could drink but I still really loved that place
At 20:22 on April 17, 2008, Cliff said…
Hello Robert,
My great grandfather Andrew Owens is from Cork so I guess my
love of Ireland is in my blood. Like your choice of music and I'm sure if you like blues your a fan of Stevie Ray Vaughn. Have a great day!
Erin go bragh that'a about as much gaelic that I know.
At 0:23 on April 17, 2008, Robert said…
Hi Robert,

Thanks for the warm greetings. I am from NY. i don't have any connection to Ireland besides a great desire to visit, a few acquaintances there, and a great interest and love of the literature. I see you are from the northeast, have you visited Ireland much? Once I finally get to go (which will likely be next summer), any places you think I must visit and can't miss? Thanks.

At 16:06 on April 16, 2008, Felicia said…
Your page is amazing by the way--I really adore what you did with pictures--very creative and special. How is your grandchild?
At 16:06 on April 16, 2008, Felicia said…
Oíche mhaith agus codladh sámh
Okay I can't figure out how to get to the quizlets thing and have no idea what oyu sent me (above)

_________ good and ________ __________??
I feel so dumb since I had studied for so long. I cannot recognize so much-augh!
At 5:20 on April 16, 2008, Felicia said…
Hi Robert! Good ot hear from you. I a ok; just trying to shake off all the finals work I cramed in in the last couple days. Presentations and group work oh my! haha. How are oyu? Iwill look at group stuff tomorrow when I can focus. I am having avery difficult time rememebering verbiage--SImple mitakes that should be long behind me keep getting in my way--I keep telling myself it is because I am rusty, but who knows. What I need ot do is find my tapes from Ireland-they were freebies in the SUnday paperf for two weeeks when last I was there. Iforget theguys name but he is well known and i want to send them to oyu on this site--need clear eyes and patience on that one. Well of to sleep--keep in otouch.
At 19:42 on April 15, 2008, Sónia said…
Hi Robert,
I already sing up in quizlet.
Thank you!
At 19:37 on April 15, 2008, Cindy Day ( O'Day) said…
Thats great Robert that you live right there with your children and grandson so close. My parents live across the street, so we are close by to them. My daughter and son-in-law live about 30 miles away, but we see them every day. Mostly because i keep the baby. He'a joy but he wears me out. It's great you get to see him grown up, I'm so gald we have all this time with him also. Enjoy !
At 15:06 on April 15, 2008, Sónia said…
Dia Dhuit a Robert!
Can youn please tell me if the group have a specific password to enter to quizlet.
Go raibh maith agat!
slán agus beannacht.
At 4:26 on April 15, 2008, O'Day said…
Some other good Irish Films are Once, Waking Ned Devine, Evelyn,
Matchmaker,The Boxer,The Brycreem Boys, The Commitments , Micheal Collins and The Wind That Shakes The Barley.
Cheers, Matt

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