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At 0:01 on March 17, 2009, Sónia said…
At 5:43 on December 30, 2008, Pat Moore said…
Hey Rob,
Haven't heard from you for awhile. Hope that all is well.
Drop a line. Have a good and enjoyable New Year.
Pat and Jim
At 8:43 on December 21, 2008, Marcie said…
It's a small world. Here I am sitting in South Korea writing to someone I found on an Irish music website, who lives in MY HOMETOWN! Yup, born and raised there, didn't escape until I was 40, 10 years ago. What caught my eye was your photo entitled Crescent Beach (or Salt Creek beach, since Crescent is private). Are you really waiting to go to Ireland??? That's a shame! Go now and go often!! I have been four times in 6 years. :-) I'm going to post some photos later from a month-long trip across the west of Ireland.

At 14:50 on December 12, 2008, Sónia said…
At 19:52 on December 8, 2008, Cindy Day ( O'Day) said…
Hey Robert,

I've been off line for many months. Computer problems so I finally broke down and bought a new one. Hope you and your family are doing well. Bet the grandchild has really grown. Mine grandson is 10 months now and crawling everywhere. He keeps me hopping. Hope your staying warm and avoiding the colds and flu. Take care..
At 23:01 on November 19, 2008, Rodrigo Bitencourt Monteiro said…
Hello there, Robert! Tis been quite a long time since I don't visit LI..
This has been a really tough year for me.. and a very enriching one too.
I miss studying Gaeilge ever so much... I'll try to catch up with you...
I hope everything's fine with you and your family. Please, tell me how do u do...
Best wishes. Slán agus beannacht! (I still remember the drill, heheh)
At 6:00 on October 9, 2008, Pat Moore said…
Hey Rob,
Before I sign out for the night...check out Irisheep's site...nice pics of his visit to a true feeling of the place.

At 5:37 on October 9, 2008, Pat Moore said…
Like the music. Ok after I emailed you I felt guilt that I did not have any pics of Olympia NP the first 9 I have posted on my site are of the park...and of course the beach you said to go and see. Enjoy.
How did you do this music player? Nice!
At 5:26 on August 18, 2008, Pat Moore said…
Hey there Bob...I'm back home at last. Just a few moment with more time next week. Stayed with my sister and family as her husband was dying from cancer...was sad, pain, but lots of love all around. Jim played him music and he was at peace when he heard the music. After his passing and his memorial service we went camping for 3 days on the coast before coming home. One question...on the photo page did I put pictures in wrong? I'm on a different computer...but they look long...are they right or not.
At 6:44 on July 19, 2008, Pat Moore said…
In a Motel 8 in Bentwood, OR right now. Was great meeting you also the other evening...yes we will all have to get together for a jam/meeting/story...would be great. Did get some bad news after we meet with you the other sister's husband who has been fighting cancer is losing the battle and has a few weeks to live. So we have cut the trip shorter and are on our way now. Wanted to do the Olymipic area in 2 days...but did it in one. WOW such beauty. Saw the ridge, Cresent lake, Ruby Beach, Hoh, Kalalock and camped at the Rainforest at the south end in the rainforest. We will be back again one beautiful and not enough time to see all. Today went to see Mt. St. Helens...the force of that mountain was awsome and a reminder of how little we really are. Well got to get to sleep so we can make San Francisco tomorrow (area my sister lives in). It was fun meeting you and Doug, added to the trip to get all the advice you two had to give us on your places and then meeting you guys was the icing on the cake for us at each place. Email when we get to a service again.
Pat...and I get a lot of pics...still need to go through them...oh Jim loved Ruby skip stone heaven!
At 20:20 on July 10, 2008, Dietmar Schultz said…
Hi Robert, view minutes ago I joint in by the photographers. Posted a image and a comment. Hope I did it well and placed it right. If there anything I have done wrong give me a sign.
At 18:09 on June 25, 2008, Pat Moore said…
Hello Robert,

Just checking to see how you are doing? We are getting ready for a trip from Yellowstone to Vancouver than back down to Nevada. We are going to Victoria in Canada also...coming back on a ferry in your neck of the woods. Do you have any sugguestions on MUST see places around there? Good place(s) to eat? We are tent camping most of the trip so we can save gas with the car...adventure! Let me know if you have an ideas. Thanks, Pat
At 19:36 on June 16, 2008, Kristan said…
Wow, this place is a lot more vast than I was expecting. Thanks for the heads-up!
At 20:26 on May 10, 2008, Eileen said…
Robert, a chara:
I saw your post on Tom Shultz's page and I wonder if you might help with a question. Do you know if there are any Irish Language translations for Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody?
At 16:00 on May 3, 2008, WyrdWanderer said…
Thanks! Most of what I have at the moment is already on the site, but I do have some other stuff to post eventually. Maybe today with a storm moving in and yard work over for the day - at 10:00 am!
At 14:28 on May 3, 2008, WyrdWanderer said…

I would have joined the photo group already, but I thought it was maybe just for photos of Ireland. On closer inspection, that seems not to be the case. If that's correct, I will join later in the day.
At 2:34 on May 3, 2008, Denis Hille said…
hi Robert!!!
thanks for all!!
I don't understand nothing about irish languages!!!
but I have so much interesting!!
have a nice weekend
At 15:39 on May 2, 2008, Felicia said…
Thanks so much for reading my poems and for oyur kind words. It means more than you know. I will talk to oyu soon--getting busy at work, but wanted to stop by and say thanks.
At 5:43 on May 2, 2008, Felicia said…
Thanks Robert! It is probably the btter of them all, but I am very appreciative of oyur time and consideration in reading it/them. I am also having a blast in the photography section, although I have not posted anything new---I wil have many when I come back from my trip.
At 13:07 on May 1, 2008, Rodrigo Bitencourt Monteiro said…
Hello, Robert. How r u and your family? Sorry for being away this long... there was a problem with my computer.. But I'll get updated with the lessons till this Friday. Best wishes for u all.

(Am anxious to go on with Blas, hehe...)

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