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At 22:08 on November 28, 2008, Miguel Ángel said…
Unas fotos preciosas.
Saludos desde España
At 23:05 on March 28, 2008, Hadassa Machado said…
olá Udmar!Como vai?pois é estamos sumidos hehehe lgl q gostou da dica;) fiko feliz;)
Ah vc mora em Cabo Frio,minha cunhada tbm mora lá;)

Abraço e boa sorte com a casa nova;)
At 6:57 on January 27, 2008, Kat said…
There are picture of Ayr in wikipedia??LOL, it looks beautiful, but the people arn't. I might want to point out, it isn't a small city. it has a population of around 5-7 thousand I'm thinking. and thats including the surrounding littler towns. Wow, you live in a mini city. Your town looks soooooo beautiful!! The beaches look amazing,(I hope I googled the right town, lol) My town doesn't even compare!!LOL, look up Airlie Beach, thats a pretty town!
At 12:03 on January 21, 2008, udmar alves garcia said…
Hello, I realy don't look for sunny days in Ireland, cause I have this the whole year where I live.'s rainning today.
Well, I'll ask you some question in the future, I'm building my new house, and after this I'm planing to go to Ireland, so, all the information is good!
Thanks for the comment, bye bye!!
At 17:55 on January 20, 2008, sory said…
hello Udmar, I think that go to Ireland is the best idea for a holidays if you don´t look for sunny times in the beach. I was in Ireland this summer, 15 days, but I had a very bad weather, because this summer was the more raining that the people remember, so you will not forget your umbrella and clothes for this time. I had a good weather if I think in this summer, but since this time, I felt in love with Ireland, so, all information that you need, ask me, and I try to resolve it. Greetings from Spain.
At 5:02 on January 13, 2008, uni said…
im fine tks for the coment i hope to see u soon in the chat
At 12:42 on January 10, 2008, udmar alves garcia said…
Here we don't have sharks, and jellyfish are so rare, sometimes there's a little, when the ocean is not good. It's realy a good place to traveling. The people is happy, ordinary people. Cabo Frio is 1 hour and half of Rio de Janeiro.
One thing that I love a lot in Australia is the bier Coopers.'s wonderful.
One Kiss and One Cold Bear for You!
At 5:28 on January 10, 2008, Kat said…
Hey, Where you live looks beautiful!!! I'm so jealous, though I must admit, it is like some of the beaches near where I live. Not the local one, but one about 2 hours away. My local beach is Yuck. Mosquito infested and jellyfish and sharks. Not fun, lol.
At 5:52 on January 7, 2008, Kat said…
Hey, you left me a comment months ago, Lol, sorry about the late reply been really busy with school and a lack of computer.
Ayr is in Australia, in the state Queensland to be more precise. It's nothing much, just a little town built on cane farming. It's also known as the Burdekin. If you google that, you'll find my town.
At 11:25 on January 3, 2008, udmar alves garcia said…
I realy saw just the open game, brazil x scotland, because I've win the tickets in a Budweiser promotion. I love football, but I'll never go to paris to loose time with football, so I walk a lot, footsteps and metro, to known Paris. I known the main touristics places like Eiffel Tower, Triumph Arc, Champs Elisées, but I known, I think, a great part of the "arrondissements"(?). I stayed 3 days in Novotel, payed buy budweiser, after this we move to the Unesco area, there we stayed in "a petit hotel" named L'Unesco, which I prefer. The Paris downtown is so much beautiful and better to stay and know the city.
To make a link Paris/Ireland, loved one bar, near Novotel, called "Irish Pub", the name says everything. Wondeful....and the bier.....Guinness.
Well, I always loved Paris, I think, since I was a 20 years old and read all Camus books.
And I've so good remembrances of Paris city and people.
To finish, how the brazilian music plays in paris radio stations!!!!
It's nice, it's familiar.
Au revoir!!!
P.S. Have you already heard the new album of Manu Chao?
At 12:41 on January 2, 2008, Malicette said…
yeah, why not Ireland !! ;-) I wish you !! What did you visited in Paris? without the french stadium? ;-)

cu later
At 11:29 on January 2, 2008, udmar alves garcia said…
Bonne année pour toi aussi!
Un de mon rêve jái dejá realisé, j'ai connu Paris en 1998.
Maybe Ireland the next!
At 10:34 on January 2, 2008, Malicette said…
hey guy's !!

Bien sur que j'aime Manu chao, Zazie, pascal Obispo... mais tout de même un peu moins Florent pagny...
Je vous souhaite un très bonne année 2008, en éspèrant que tu réalises ton rêve de voyager en Irlande !! I wish you the best !! ;-)

Take care,

At 22:19 on January 1, 2008, Patricia said…
Was'nt 2 good of a new year-son had a little 2 much 2 drink:{Very Violent.....
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At 13:56 on January 1, 2008, Hadassa Machado said…
Feliz Ano Novo!
At 22:00 on December 31, 2007, Patricia said…
At 18:03 on December 28, 2007, Elizabeth Dermody Leonard said…
Portroe is a small village of north County Tipperary near Lough Derg on the Shannon River. It is a lovely area, although most of Ireland is a lovely area! Our cottage is about 1/2 mile outside the village, an easy walk to the market. You have great taste in music!
At 0:20 on December 28, 2007, Patricia said…
very cool pictures,The water is so blue , is like a little peice of heaven:}

At 0:07 on December 25, 2007, Patricia said…
Great pics, Have a merrry christmas:}
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At 20:11 on December 24, 2007, Norma Jeanne Duffy said…
Feliz Navidad Mis Amigos, y Feliz Ano Nuevo!!
Have a great christmas with you wonderful Family

Peace, Norma Jeanne

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