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At 22:46 on May 9, 2008, Laura Simas said…
Hi Ronnie!

I don't know what you are talking about but you can try asking emilia or sónia. They are both portuguese too and they might know what it is.

Have a nice weekend

At 15:50 on May 6, 2008, Walter said…

What a thoughtful wish. To you in return - have a happy week! Us 'Ole Blues' Guys' have to stick together.

Keep strummin' . . . Walter
At 14:04 on May 1, 2008, Kristin said…
Happy May Day!
How's California this morning?
At 18:16 on April 30, 2008, Kristin said…
I love thai food! What could MI offer Ronnie? Well we have fudge and great lakes. We have an upper Pennisula and the Tigers! We also have Oberon!! Are you a beer drinker?
At 17:32 on April 30, 2008, Kristin said…
I like how you're so passionate when you talk about California. It's refreshing. It does sound beautiful maybe one day my train will stop there. God willing.
At 16:37 on April 30, 2008, Kristin said…
I've certainly considered it but I worry I'll get lost among a sea of faces. I'm not sure I have all the right tools yet. I'm guessing the just me putting up a barrier because of fear. Plus, well besides you now, I only have one friend whose in LA. Have you lived there your entire life? Thanks for the open arms comment. That gave me a nice, warm picture to hold onto.
At 16:19 on April 30, 2008, Kristin said…
Grand Rapids is a cage with a beautiful coastline... for the time being. And I'm looking for a way out with a smile. I think you should play guitar at open mic nights. I would come see you. I'd hold up my glass and short for ya from the back. Yeah while we speak I'm in the middle of writing a screenplay. It's a new one so I'm stumbling over my characters yet. What's CA up to?
At 16:04 on April 30, 2008, Walter said…

‘Old Delta Blues’ . . . music to my ears. Love to listen to old artists like Robert Johnson . . . and play songs like ‘I Believe I'll dust My Broom’. I know the chords for these types of songs but have never quite mastered the shuffle rhythm and turnarounds needed to give that real blues feel to the melody. If you have any pointers re. licks/ technique/ tabs etc. please feel free to provide.

Now I know you are attending Law School at night plus working full-time, so do not feel obligated in any way if time does not permit. Actually, I can emphasize with you completely as I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree (now quite some years ago) in a very similar way . . . working/ night & summer courses/ and finally full time study over a four year period. Not easy at the time but in the final analysis very worthwhile and justified.

Keep studying . . . Walter
At 15:55 on April 30, 2008, Kristin said…
I'm not an artist in the traditional sense of the word but I am I guess in a universal way. I'm and actor/writer. Well more writer than actor right now. My business is to create. you?
At 15:26 on April 30, 2008, Kristin said…
I really liked your pictures.
At 16:30 on April 29, 2008, Walter said…

Just noticed your guitar photo. Love guitars! Play rhythm myself . . . mostly to accompany myself singing. Average player . . . reached a plateau way back when . . . never really progressed much further. Keep meaning to take it to the next level and really become a ‘guitarist’. In the meantime, I strum along contentedly . . . ignorance is bliss!

Walter . . .
At 16:16 on April 29, 2008, Walter said…

Thanks for the 'Friend Invitation '. . . my treat! Look forward to some conversations.

Walter . . .
At 10:27 on April 27, 2008, kassie said…
hi there...her name is Dolores Costello..Found her in a flea market in Italy!!
At 22:33 on April 25, 2008, Laura Simas said…
Hi Ronnie!
Nice chating with you the other day.
The photos are from my island from a volcanic complex that went into eruption 50 years ago.

Sorry my english

Hope you have a nice weekend.

At 20:12 on April 25, 2008, Erin said…
Hi, no that's a Cocker spaniel/terrier cross.
At 23:15 on April 24, 2008, Bill McGowan said…
Hi Ronnie:
Yes, that's me with Gerry at the INA reception we had for him in San Diego last July. The only regret I have is the picture was taken before my diet-I've lost 50 lbs since then and look a lot different!
At 22:15 on April 24, 2008, Sir Nicolas J. Bertolero said…
Hey Ronnie,

A fellow Californian eh? Well met brother! Sounds like you've got a busy schedule. What's your job discription at the software company? Feel free to message me anytime!

At 20:57 on April 24, 2008, Nicolas said…
Hey Ronnie
Welcome on LI
Hope you'll enjoy this place

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