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At 15:48 on October 21, 2009, Wes Ornick said…
Hi there...I tend to use facebook more and more. It was 31 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday morning...3 hours later it jumped to 71! I had a fleece jacket and halfway through the day I wish I had on shorts...strange...the leaves are changing...from greens, to burned out yellows...there are reds, oranges and fiery yellow greens...! I will mail some new shots as the leaves are changing and looking like spattering gel and acid -- very cool transition...saw some caterpillars and chipmunks walking around carefully...let me know how the weather and life is there...
Oh, sorry for not introducing myself. My name is Wesley Ornick...I go by Wes or Happy Cat. I am a traveler, writer, kayaker, rafter, camper, hiker, photographer, videographer///I love informing others of the weather, wildlife.

I care for rehabilitating injured raptors, including various species of hawks, eagles, falcons and owls....vultures -- ask for any photos -- check my images, writings at
brother is moving to Zurich in a month -- check my photos and his -- his name on Facebook is Nathan Ornick

I am chatting with a lady in brother visited Zagreb loved the coast -- said very breath-taking...
take care
At 21:25 on September 15, 2009, Tom Acton said…
Hi Mayke,
I hope all is fine where you are. The mysterious season of all is about to happen.

All the best,
At 2:31 on July 29, 2009, Kathleen Horner said… are you? It's been awhile since we've chatted. How are things? Everything is great down here in the USA South...good weather for summer...unbelievable! I don't have to water my plants as Mother Nature gives them a good 'feeding' around 5-6 Pm everyday. Still into my about you?
At 14:38 on June 19, 2009, Sharon said…
I think you might like to go to:

Great bookl I just finished.
At 20:24 on April 20, 2009, Tom Acton said…
Hi Mayke,
How are you doing? Still on the move? I more or less finished my new CD,
very lucky to have such top players to accompany me.
Hope you are well,
At 10:12 on February 22, 2009, massi said…
terrific pics ;)
At 14:38 on January 29, 2009, Kathleen Horner said…
Hellooo, Mayke! I've been so busy working in the studio gearing up for another year for my much to working on getting some digital art/photography out publicly/exhibit-wise and such this year.
Speaking of skies...we experienced a spectacular sunset yesterday...Orange and Pink everywhere...just amazing. The skies here have been moody..reminescent of the skies over Ireland. Have a beautiful day and stay in touch.
Peace, Kathleen
At 17:00 on January 26, 2009, Tom Acton said…
Noord Brabant, I will let you know via a mailbox on this site if you let know how I can organize this, the beautiful evening sky is sinking now behind the clouds..
Warm greetings,
At 16:40 on January 26, 2009, Tom Acton said…
Hi Mayke,
I'm in the Nederland's at the moment, watching a fantastic red/green orange/ blue sky..
thinking of the wide open spaces of Mayo, and sitting down to a decent pint of Guinness and taking out the banjo in a good session!
Great to meet you.
At 13:13 on January 26, 2009, Tom Acton said…
Hi again,
Some time ago I followed the McCarty's bar trail trying to stay true to the journey in the book. Didn't complete it, due to too many music bars in the way!

At 13:10 on January 26, 2009, Tom Acton said…
Hi Mayke,
We may be in the country. Great to meet you.
Tom Acton
At 16:42 on December 31, 2008, parke said…
Hello Mayke, I have been somewhat distracted these days. My mother has been very ill and finally passed away on December 29. Listening to Mairi Campbell and viewing your pictures is a nice repose for the spirit. Thanks
At 5:13 on December 24, 2008, J.D. Robertson said…
I'm fine I just had a lot of things to take care of recently. I'm moving into a new apartment and just finished a set up for my music stuff. I also just started a new blog. Thanks for the feedback on the music I see I'm on your list of audio. That's pretty cool!
At 20:50 on December 23, 2008, Kevin Tyler (Savage) said…
Hello Mayke, thank you for adding me as a friend... and for all the nice comments. I am very pleased to meet you.
At 0:11 on December 23, 2008, james walters said…
It is cloudy and the sun is out and a little rain with the sunshine wonderful to see. I think of Ireland and so much more. If any thing my writing will take me to Ireland and maybe a one way trip. :)
At 21:01 on December 22, 2008, james walters said…
Hello again
Your photos along with the music it all is so great to wake up to.
As the clouds roll over our city today I will be dreaming of the pic of a long straight road and me on it just walking and maybe talking but to who? Time will tell.
Thanks again me
At 8:15 on December 22, 2008, james walters said…
Hello Again Mayke
It is wonderful to read you reply to me. I just read a little bit about the city you are from and I am in love with this city like Ireland. So much history and much in folk lore that I would love to listen for a long time on things of old about this place. It might even give me helpful ideas to write about as I am writing a New Magic series like Harry Potter but it does not have any thing to do with that wonderful series. :)
At 4:21 on December 22, 2008, james walters said…
Hello I just love the music and the photos it is like heaven thanks
At 0:41 on December 15, 2008, Andrew said…
Thanks for looking at my pictures. Haleakala is magical up there. You have some amazing pics yourself.
At 22:48 on December 8, 2008, parke said…
Thank you. I had the best carrot soup of my life in a similar kitchen in Belfast a few years ago. And your pictures are indeed lovely. Thanks again.

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