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In a haughty mood I dictating the importance of security to a couple of drunken ex-patriot fools.

When concluded I turned to see a dream sat near.

She in silent profile so pretty beside a desert compound pool.

This pretty girl under the stars reflected in the rays of a silvered moon.

To become the beautiful barb in my heart one day soon.

A number of years together that I will never regret.

Remembering the blue skies of the days to the cool soft breezes of the nights.

Heartbreak was in our parting and you had to fly home.

I knew you were leaving as we would all one day soon.

Time has passed I know your decision was so right.

Life forever turning to other plays to stage our own existing ways.

Not all players on this stage experienced a part in ‘Blue Skies and Soft Gentle Breezes’.

I played it to skies, gentle breezes and to the beauty of the nights.

Today I turn to another role in life’s forever changing ways.

Alas! This scenery not as sweet as the one we played.

My mind still dreams of walks in secret woods.

Days of amber light and dreamtime filled days.

There to dwell with memories of kindness and secret ways.

She so pretty beautiful and sublime.

Time together so important, our distant priorities never defined.

Behold that is life as such it is wonderful, wonderful times.

When in dreams to savour that so missed in life these days.

To journey to love’s fairy story grove once more.

 Where we found such delight.

Bright blonde meadow so refined, this well kept grove.

To lie again beneath blue-black starry skies.

 My wish to visit the perfumed secret garden that my time has not forgot.

Unfortunately not so this would as real as to dream of stealing rainbows from the sky.








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