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If tomorrow is a manifestation of all that has been obtained, learned and accumulated as of yesterday, and again as of today, why do we seek it--
Is there a greater truth unveiled only when we get to the tomorrow, as it is the conclusion of our yesterday?
Are we cynical today and pray for happiness tomorrow?
When is it okay to live right now in the moment?
When we photograph the scene, are we evolved or far removed from that moment, from which we hope to capture the essense to be shared tomorrow?
What is it that we seek--a truth, a meaning, a need to believe--
why is it that religion and politics seem so far removed from one another until it is time to cast our vote?
Why is it as we get older we miss yesterday, but while we were in it we sought today?
Fare thee well, and I pray thee an answer today, from lessons learned yesterday, hoping peace is created now for tomorrow.

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