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This goes out to all of my friends or any member of Live Ireland that has had dreams or visions of making it to Ireland some day with a passion that's just burning inside. I do have a dream,a vision and a passion and it's all for 'THIS PLACE CALLED IRELAND'

This Place Called Ireland

"So peaceful and calmly this place it seems to be,
Yet I stare at it sadly for its thru a picture I see,
this land far,far away from mine
I watch the clock in patient time
for someday soon I'll touch the sand
of this calm place called Ireland.

I can hear the Atlantic pounding so hard
I can see the sun set by a still grave yard.
I can feel the mist of a small seaport.
I can feel the awe of Powerscourt*.

I can feel the releif of the dew-settled field
that in due time its crops will yield.
I can hear the wolves crying out on the moor.
I can taste the taste of the streams so pure
So, someday soon, (I'm hoping) I'll be able to stand,
and say I've finally made it to this place called Ireland."

For all of us that share this dream I can only say to you, "follow your heart and listen to it well, If you follow your heart it will lead you to your dream!!! Enjoy!....Colleen

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