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The Road of the Righteous, The Pius-Thus The Saint

I am the catalyst
Mere casuistry of modern faith

I walked the land in search of you
Thou I knew little-
least of all your name

Your birth not realized yet
mine, an extension of my fame

I scoured the winding slopes
of Eire
In search of truth
I discovered change

Ireland, sweet Ireland
land possessed by itself
No greater beauty had I found

Immense dignity
and still…

A country’s soul:
torn pages of dramatic history
in need of healing

There are bears and wolves in these woods
Serpents slither there as well
One hundred years from now
committed shall they exist
to memory only

It is my duty to break the Pagan rings-
To present twisted tongued people
Unto the presence of the Highest King

It is an allegiance to my Lord
thy people will embrace
For I am Patrick
I am the carrier of light
the rod between this wondrous land’s splendor
and the need for escape

I walked the hills, soaked in mist
I saw you there
‘mid fields, forty shades painted green

I saw your curiosity, as I pondered my routines
As I sat in silence
Save the Lord’s wear I held in prayer

I sauntered past castles,
whose High Kings were unkind initially---
Until they came to see
That I held solidly to my belief.

I carried upon my shoulders
a replacement for Druid extremism
Through Pagan expulsion
I introduced Christianity

As you bow your head
From across the infinite vastness of seas
Notice please, all Catholics have heard of me
And followed paths
where it was, I meant for them to lead

Atop majestic mountains
people erected statues of me

I was a hero once
Then they blessed me

A Saint-
Close your eyes and pray

Ireland, no longer desperate and chaste
vowed allegiance to the Christ

And invaders beguiled by such devotion
Now call Eire their home

I am Patrick
Legend precedes me.
Upon these splendid hills and mountains
One knows only that I came and delivered

How fortunate am I
Synonymous my name, with all things wondrous in Ireland.

But it is these hills, this land itself
that have surely been kissed-
touched with the loving hand of God.
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