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I love the computer. I embrace it every day. I have made some of the most amazing friends on the computer and the computer has allowed me to stay up to date with friends I have made while traveling with my ex in the military. You know, I remember when I moved back home to start over. My daughter and I had to stay at my dad's until we settled. She was young then and I needed to know I would be able to support her. So we stayed with dad for a few months. We were getting settled in and a discussion of our computer came up. See my dad didn't believe in the computer and often expressed his concerns and distaste. I guess when you live your adult life as a police officer/detective/prosecuter you have a different outlook on life. He saw all the dangers (both hidded and out in the open) in the great big www. My daughter however grew up on a computer. They were taught it in school so she knew all about those dangers as well and I was concerned for her when she browsed. Thats why those parent controls are such a good idea. And believe me, I used them. Now that didn't seem to sway my father in his convictions. I think thats what seperates the Irish from the rest of the world. They stand firm and true to their convictions. One day he asked me what I found so fasinating about all this computer stuff an I said..."ya know dad...this www thing could very well be the beginning to world peace. We make friends all over the world. We talk to them, email and spend a good portion of free time just playing." How do you get world peace from that he asked..."because we never want to go to war with our friends" ..Hence world peace. Oh I know thats far fetched but every great idea was, at one time, "far fetched". So when I was browsing and came across this site I quickly became a member. Now I am here every day listening to music and exploring. I look forward to "making friends for all the wold to see"

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