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starting a creative business.... oh yea.

This is my first attempt at the blogging thing, but here goes.

I love to tell stories, (not the kind to try and get out of trouble) but ones that say something about the positive side of the human experience. Stories about dedication, respect, honor, ect.

Any way, I have a passion about sharing these with any interested in listening, and am hoping to earn a living at it as well. Don't have all the specifics yet, but am slowly filling in the pieces.

It is a slow process, as it does involve some cash flow. Money must flow out before money comes in. So am saving what I need.

Am pursuing several options including: publishing a book, having a web site designed, recording a cd of stories, and several other ideas.

The life of a creative type has not been easy, and oft times it has involved a very winding route, but I can no more stop writing and telling stories than I can stop breathing, ( at least not as long as I'm in the world of the living.).

Don't know, just putting this out there and seeing where it goes.

Peace, Love, and Oreo's.

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Comment by Charles Yerkes on July 21, 2009 at 21:05
Thank you Kara,

It is often a scary move. I have tried to stop at several points over the past few years for these very reasons. But you are so right, I have to follow where this path leads.

For the stories will not leave me be. I can no more stop writing stories, telling stories, being creative than I can stop breathing. I've tried.

But having come to this realization and having made the decision to follow where fate and destiny lead, does not mean that the way is not full of uncertainty. Thank you for your encouragement. That is so needed.

If you want to check out how this is progressing for me check out my website:
I have started a podcast network and have stories, poems, and info on coffee. Somehow all these do go together surprisingly well. I also have photographs I have taken posted along with prose and poems writen specifically for them.

I also just took a big plunge and bought a digital camera system, even though times are tight and I could have used the money elsewhere. But if I"m serious about this creative choice, I had to do so.

So I will be posting new art every month.

I have some practicle Ideas for turning this into income (this is one reason I needed the camera), but my first focus is providing my listeners with things they deem valuable. If I keep putting them first, and striving for excellence in all I do... I'm trusting that, as you said, the money will follow.

Am I rambling? I tend to do that sometimes when talking about what I am so passionate about.
Thank you again for your comment.

If you do check out my site, please let me know what you think. And feel free to ask any questions you have.

Have a great day.
Charles (am smiling very largely)
Comment by Kara Smith on July 21, 2009 at 9:22
Follow your calling that is where your passion is and when we are passionate about something, success follows. It is an act of courage to step into the unknown or fear if you will of making the wrong choice. Follow the first thing which is the highest driving force and lean into it without overwhelming yourself with too much all at once which can result in procrastination. Tell your stories, pursue your dreams and the bills will get paid (smile).
Comment by Charles Yerkes on March 4, 2009 at 20:43
Mary, thank you. I try to shape my life to best enable me to get where I want to go. Though at times life happens... and tends to do the shaping. But somehow life would not be as exciting if this were not occasionally so.

ps you could have left the "older than me" part out.. oh well, life does happen! LOL!
Comment by Charles Yerkes on March 4, 2009 at 20:37
Thank you very much James. Yes, I am looking into podcasting. I am excited by the possibilities it brings in getting my stories out. In my stories, the characters live the subject. I'm not sure what you mean by stories that come at the subject, but I don't go the Aesop fable route and simply have stories with morals to them either. They tend to be slice of life stories where these aspects of life are on exhibition for all to see. With those living being too caught up in living to moment to be bothered moralizing about what should or should not be done. (At least that is what I understand you to mean by stories about these positive aspects of humanity.) Thank you for taking the time to comment. It does help to know that there are those who want to hear these things. It helps more than you know.
Comment by James P Mahon on March 3, 2009 at 14:25

Bravo for having the inspiration to want to spread more honor, integrity and beauty across this world.

I have no practical advice, but it would seem to me that podcasts would be one inexpensive was to do it. Local to me I heard of a community radio station offering some training in these. If you deliver stories that come at the subject instead of just about it, you can capture some attention, methinks. The late Paul Harvey comes to mind - but you must make your own, of course.

All the best to you.

Jim Mahon

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