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Do you have a coin to toss? That’s because you can have it either way. Either  is going to be Male Musician of the Year for 2012 with his new solo flute album, Carrying the Tune, or fellow flute wizard, Brendan Mulholland will be with his debut solo album, Jean’s Hill. If Kevin wins it for Male Musician of the Year, Brendan will win it for Instrumental Album of the Year. Or vice-versa. Take your pick. Either way. They both are stunning musicians with wonderful, brand new offerings for you. Kevin Crawford got John Doyle in to back him up on guitar. You could not possibly find two Irish traditional musicians more hip to trad music and what is going on currently in the scene. Both are masters of their instruments and at the top of their games. Also appearing on Carrying the Tune is Brian Morrissey on bodhran and the ubiquitous Mick Conneely on bouzouki. Meanwhile, back at Jean’s Hill, Brendan Mulholland is cookin’. This cd is loaded with traditional favorites such as Pigeon on the Gate, and the slow air, An Chuilfhionn. There are also tasty treats that are rare such as The Tin Wedding. One of Brendan’s own is Sean’s Reel. We have discovered that Jean’s Hill, itself is in clear and near view as you step out from Brendan’s back door in Co. Antrim. Who is Jean’s Hill named after? Nobody knows, reports Brendan with a laugh. On the other hand, what everybody does know is that this is a master artist at work. Brendan joined his pal, Brendan Hendry at last year’s Milwaukee Irish Fest. Hendry on fiddle and Mulholland on guitar tore it up and their performances are still being talked about in trad circles. What is the difference between the two albums? Since they are both traditional flute albums, do you actually need both? Yes. First of all, can you ever have too much of great wooden flutes and whistles being played by the best in the biz? That’s right. We immediately rank Mulholland in the same league as Kevin Crawford himself, and other iconic players such as Michael McGoldrick, Kevin Henry, Catherine McEvoy, Kieran Munnelly and a host of others at the top of the mountain. Carrying the Tune is, as you would expect, nuanced and balanced. Perfectly engineered. Very current. Spot on. Jean’s Hill is a more traditional straight ahead foray. Where Kevin’s playing simply stuns in its variety and excellence, Brendan’s will knock you over with its elegance. Brendan Mulholland is a very elegant musician. Taken together, these two represent an encyclopedic look at today’s traditional flute scene. They are brill, and you will be, too, if you get them. You know what to do. Go find them.Get to work. Wow! We’re going to have a bunch of cd reviews coming up for you next month in one of those eight cd-type review thingys where each cd can only get a couple of sentences. But we want you to know about them. Imelda Brogha and I are inviting you to tune in for our new program on here at LI. We are on live Sundays at 6:00 pm Dublin time. Them we repeat the show a few times a week, so you can catch it wherever you are around the world. We play nothing but trad, and Imelda loves to join you in the chat room. So do I, but I'm usually panicking in the control "booth" trying to stay on the air!! The women listening must also be ready for Imelda to suddenly beginning to discuss shoe sales. She cannot be stopped. I've begged. Then, it is right back to the best in the real Irish music. Hope to see you there! We promise you'll have fun and hear the best music in the world. Honest!!!!

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Comment by Bill Margeson on April 1, 2012 at 20:40

Thank you Dennis and Ethel! Hi! We are right here in Chicago!! We are on every week on Sunday at noon Chi time! I have driven through Granite City many times. Had a GREAT burger there in a restaurant! Stay in touch here, or post me :

All the best!

Comment by Dennis McCann on April 1, 2012 at 20:20

Hi Imelda and Bill:

Ethel and I don't get to listen to you live often - what fun!  We have to get acquainted with the site. Are you both in the studio in Dublin?  We have visited Dublin 3 times since I retired in 1995.  We usually spend most of our time in Kilkenny City and day trip from there. We enjoy the photos and webcam shots on your website, especially of places we've been! 

Thanks for the good music.  All the best from Collinsville IL near St Louis Mo. - Dennis

Comment by Imelda on March 20, 2012 at 2:31

Sergio--Bill and I hope you join us every week!  We'll try not to ask TOO much multi-tasking, but chat room and listening should be just about right!  ; )

Warmest wishes back to you from the Two Yanks With Funny Accents!

; )

Bill and Imelda


Comment by Sergij Fab on March 19, 2012 at 12:03

So, Bill...

You're corroborating we males can make just one thing at a time...

Perhaps that's why my wife, when she want me to do something, says slowly: "Did you hear me? Did you get it? Repeat please..."

Thank you very much for your advice, they're really useful for a newcomer about Irish music as I am...

Hoping sooner or later to listening to your "perfect compilation" (do you know the book ore the movie "High fidelity"?), I send to you and Imelda...

My warmest wishes.


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