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'Lover Husband Father Monster ' about to be released. We wrote when it rained!

Last year my partner and I who are Australians spent ten months in Dublin. We did a house swap and after a couple of weeks decided that when it rained, we would write. The result is our newly released novel 'Lover Husband Father Monster' a critical look inside an apparently happy marriage and told in two voices - his and hers. The protaginist to the story line was the Celine Cawley case where the husband, Eammon Lillis, was being tried for the murder of his successful wife who had once walked the world's cat walks and who had been a Bond girl. To the outsiders these people had everything. Where did it all go wrong? Ireland was fascinated and so were we. We based the novel in the upper class suburb of Dalkey in Dublin but we drew on our travels and experiences to include other parts of the emerald isle that we visited in our time there. Plus there is our attempts to get inside the Irish psyche and to depict the wonderful Irish people as they truly are. We were helped in this by our Irish friend Jennifer who was the sister of the house that we were living in. The result is an excellent read.
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‘Lover, Husband, Father, Monster’

A powerful tale of marriage that leaves the reader thinking long after the final page

‘It was Kevin who was to be with me on that awful day that would change my life irrevocably. He was the unwitting witness to the terrible thing that would forever have both of us
unable to close our eyes at night for fear that we would relive it once again
in the narrow isthmus between consciousness and sleep.’

Set in Ireland and told in two voices

By Australian authors

Elsie Johnstone, Graeme Johnstone

What readers say:

‘Wow !!What a wonderful lead into what was to be an extremely haunting finish. THE BOOK STAYED WITH ME FOR DAYS.’

– Jan Reynolds, Mt Macedon, Victoria.

‘It was a grand read. I read it over two days. I just simply couldn't put it down.’

- Anne Warren, Chelsea, Victoria.

‘OMG what an ending!!! I finished it at 1am because I'd reached the stage that I couldn't put it down and had to find out what happened. Just fantastic!!!!!’

- Elaine, Just Books, Lakes Entrance, Victoria.

Lover, Husband, Father, Monster traces the fragmentation of a well-intentioned Irish marriage through to its irretrievable breakdown and chilling ending.

Jennifer and Stuart meet at a time when they both feel that marriage and parenthood have passed them by. He, the quite, reliable insurance salesman, because he has always lacked confidence with women. And she, the
bright, pretty lawyer, because her experience with her first boyfriend years
earlier has emotionally scarred her for life. Despite some glaring differences
– he is a dour, church-going Protestant while she is a quirky, lapsed Catholic
who has taken up Buddhism - they marry after a few months and on the surface
develop into the perfect family. Healthy, successful, living in an upmarket Dublin
suburb with three happy but unexceptional children. However, inside the house,
things are not as they seem.

‘Lover, Husband, Father, Monster’


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ISBN: 9781921791161

For interviews, Elsie and Graeme Johnstone, +61 3 9583 2536.

Elsie: 0430 030 113;

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