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I haven’t checked You Tube for ages and I was glad to know that my friend Karl Nesbitt who recently released an album called Vista Point uploaded a new video.

For those who are not yet aware, there is a tutorial for Irish music via YouTube. Karl Nesbitt has uploaded videos for people who want to enhance their talents in playing Celtic music instruments. Please visit Karl Nesbitt’s YouTube channel to check these wonderful videos out.

Karl I really like the new video about playing the Bodhran. Please tell us what’s new with you.

Hi, and Happy Christmas to you.

Glad you liked the new clip. My album Vista Point is now on iTunes which is great, people can easily access it.

What advice can you give newbies in terms of playing the bodhran?

Advice on playing the bodhran.. tough one, but maybe that it’s 50% playing..and 50% listening!

Where do you shop for instruments?

It’s a bit harder to shop for instruments of quality now unless online..But usually locally here in Cork for me.

You will join your sister Mairead and the Berne Symphony Orchestra for a performance in Berne, Switzerland, on January 2nd. What will fans expect to hear from this event?

The Berne gig is the music Mairead did for Disney, and Celtic Woman. Glad to join the event.

Have a peaceful Christmas full of content, and look forward to a good year.

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