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He, everyone. My name is John Best from New Jersey in the USA and a recent member of the Live Ireland site. I am 3rd. generation Irish. My grandparents still spoke Irish but I never got to know them when I was a child. I have heard that the Best family name is not a well known one in Ireland but the family was located in Cork. If anyone has any knowledge of the Best family, I really would like to know. I have never been to Ireland and may never get the chance but would like to connect with the family.
You can check on my profile. Thank you.
John B.

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Comment by David Boon on February 16, 2010 at 0:30
John, What else do you know about them such as first names, approximately when they went to the States, approximate dates of birth, etc. The more info you can provide the more likely someone may be able to help. There are lots of sites you can search for details including immigration records, census returns, etc.

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