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Last Christmas Eve, in my hometown, a number of choirs teamed up to sing together. A couple of musicians from the Music Union I'm also with, supported them. Amongst the listeners were a number of Assyrians (The are several Assyrian communities in the Netherlands). They happened to be members of an Assyrian choir, and liked what they heard. After the "concert", an Assyrian delegation asked the musicians if they were willing to support their choir on a very special occasion. They had been preparing a concert in the British Museum!

It appears the museum has countless Assyrian cultural artefacts on display. The Assyrians have a history that goes back beyond 8 centuries BC, and used to have a large empire in the Turkey Syria Iraq area. They now have spread all over the world, but their cultural heritage and sense of identity still lives on.

They needed musical accompaniment for their choir and therefore asked the musicians from our brass ensemble. They also needed some extra instruments such as a flute, a clarinet, an oboe, and a drum set (which means, me) to make it sound complete, and to connect with the traditional instruments they played. That this means a lot to the Assyrians, appears from the fact that they pay for everything: our lodgings, food, the use of our instruments, a compensation for our members who had to take three days off, and a big bonus for our Music Union. The importance also shows from the amount of media attention they gave it: They invited the BBC, Swedish National Television and a Syrian film crew to document the event.

So we're going to invade London and go on a looting and drinking spree and deplete the london beer stock. So if you hear anything about it, you know who are the culprits.

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