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Today I am feeling a little like torpid, two days ago I knew that a friend has died in the same month that my mother died, and this maybe explain some things that I felted and could not understand.
When I went to see my sister almost two months ago on her birthday, I take with me some photos of us to give to my sister and to him, and wanted to see him, I even ask my sister, as they were good friends and she knew where was his house, to take me there, but she was not willing with the same strength that I, and so, she only send him a message and try to call to his phone without answer. How could he answer if he was not anymore in this world?
Anyway, he was the friend that invite me to a Irish bar in Lisbon last year, his birthday it is in the same day as St. Patrick Day(17/03). Been in that Irish bar change my life in the way I never thought. This friend, Rogério Almeida, have been an important piece in my search of Ireland, and of the great energy that the Emerald Island sends to all that are able to feel it. Thanks to his invitation to me in last year, I had contact with beautiful Irish music and later, this had bring the result to knew here on this site good and important friends in my life, as he was one.

Rogério, I hope the energy of Ireland can embrace your heart and your new form of life totally, giving you peace and love for eternity…

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