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Happiness is a sensation that overflows from inside to outside. A feeling of connection with your thrue I, who leave you feel up high.
In state of grace.
The happiness can be unchained by something so simple has much to look at a flower. This flower could be a simple flower of the field, but however it will not leave of to be something wonderful.
The happiness is found, when to the look at this flower, we enter in tunning with its essence. That it is the same that ours.
TO BE solely what it is.
In a easied and simple way.
It is when we limit to be simple of a easied form that we allow us to look at for the things that surround us, and we obtain to see with true seeing.
To look at the sky leaves of being only one wonderful vision of the huge universe that is surround, because we start it to feel, to be in tunning, and this because we make the connection with its pure energy.
When allowing ourselfs to be simple, we league to everything what it is simple.
And will be there solely, where we will be able to find the true happiness.
Where we will be able to feel the Harmony.
Where we will be able to feel the Love.
Where we will be able to feel the Cure.
You leave to worry you if you are loved, because raisins loving you.
You leave to worry you if you are understood, because raisins to understand you.
You leave to worry you if you are acceptance, because raisins to accept you.
You leave to worry you if you are heard, because raisins to hear you.
You silence your external voice, because raisins to hear your internal voice clearly.
When you looks to your return you can be realize of the chaos, but its vibration will leave to influence you. Because when limiting yourself TO BE SIMPLE, you allow that feelings as the compassion floods your BEING. Then, the proper chaos starts to emit a proper beauty. That it only can be feel by who simply allow TO BE.

"If when you look at to what surround you everything what you feel is the pain of the disconnection... Then, of what are you wait for? GOD does not operate miracles in the life of who that do not believe. Because the miracle is something that alone can operate in the way of the simplicity, the one that come from the pureness of the BEING. And TO BE you have to become so SIMPLE as a flower of the field. You want to know because reason the flower of the field is simple? Because it simply limits itself to be what it is. Dont have vanity for the brightness of its color. It does not exhibit pride because the sun in happens its rays of light. Don’t feel greater or smaller before other flowers. But it is limited to be part of the nature, because it understands that of it it is an integrant part. The chaos alone can reign in those whose hearts had left that they were emptied of all simplicity. Pain alone can be perpetuated in thoses that cultivate the belief of nothing more deserve, for beyond the pain. So, be as a flower of the field!
You will be able to think that cannot compare you with a flower. That this comparison will be only an absurd. But, will it be really an absurd?
Will you not be also an integrant part of the universe such as the flower?
You are a part of the universal puzzle. Without you the universe will be incomplete. Becomes you simple and you could BE such as a flower that shines in the middle of many others, and however nothing it makes to prove itself, for besides BEING SIMPLY AS WHAT IT IS TRUILY. A FLOWER!
Will you obtain to feel the happiness, to feel you as a simple flower in the midlle of many others? "

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