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Here in Nanaimo BC Canada our family of buskers/ entertainers are in a court battle with our city to remove a busking bylaw which over regulates busking and limits our ability to earn a living. We are looking for support in our fight to continue to perform without harasment please check out one of our videos recorded on ST Paddys night Here is the link.

Though we are a world away it only takes the click of a mouse and a few words to make these busking police wake up and realize that music makes the world go round. Our city council makes all the decissions about things that are happening in our fair city including busking, at the same time they are trying to promote tourism in these troubled times and regulate us to death. Here is a direct email link to all of our decission makers here in Nanaimo and if you can please email them in support of our family of buskers.

Here is also a link to myspace page which tells a story about what we do.

Thank you for your support

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Comment by James Cunningham on April 23, 2009 at 8:51
Tonight I ask for help from my friends on live Ireland, As you know we are buskers trying to earn a living here in Nanaimo BC Canada and are having many problems as the lawmakers here look at us as panhandlers with instruments. Our local newspaper has an online poll asking if the busking bylaw for buskers should go or stay. Anyone who can help my family by voting on this poll will be supporting the rights of buskers in our fair city. I would be extreamely greatful. Here is the link to the newspaper.
Comment by James Cunningham on April 20, 2009 at 2:36
As we start to put more preasure on the politicians about buskers I have created a group on facebook for anyone to join, here is the link.

You will find another group with the same problems with the law and busking in Chicago Illinois USA I have asked them to team up with us to fight for buskers rights.

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