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Celtic Music: Lenses on Squidoo - Lens of the Day!

When I got up this morning (which is the middle of the afternoon for you folks on the other side of the pond) I was just expecting to get in a new blog post about a Squidoo lens I'd published yesterday. But when I checked my email, I noticed I had a lot of comments posted somewhere on my Squidoo lenses. It turned out the dozen comments were all on my Celtic Music: Lenses lens which had been named Lens of the Day.
I wasn't expecting that! Of course, it's the day before St. Patrick's Day, so I can see it makes sense that the person who chooses the Lens of the Day would want something related. I'm really pleased because I've not only done a lot of lenses about Celtic music, with many Irish performers as subjects, and of course there's a lens for, but also I've put a bit of time into making the Celtic Music: Lenses lens look good.

It's unusual to get one Lens of the Day. That happened with my lens about Spoonerisms back in early November 2008. It's even more unusual to be honored with a second Lens of the Day!

The Squidoo lens I thought I'd be writing about this morning is about The Stardance Project. It's about Jeanne Robinson's vision of dance in zero gravity, something that got started when she became a co-author with her husband Spider Robinson for the science fiction novella "Stardance." The novella won both Hugo and Nebula awards for Best Novella in 1977 (Nebula) and 1978 (Hugo), and led to a novel and eventually a trilogy of novels. It also led to Jeanne being shortlisted for NASA's Civilian in Space program, which would have led to her being the first dancer in space, but that was cut short by the 1986 Challenger explosion.

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