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Capercaillie at the 40th Interceltique Festival

I am glad this is not just a rumor. Scottish band Capercaillie will perform onstage during the 40th Interceltique Festival in Lorient France. From their first album Cascade up to the last , Roses and Tears, the band has delivered persistent musical craftsmanship that’s like no other. Karen Matheson’s voice has been the center of the band’s music, sounding as if her throat has been kissed by God according to a critic.

The biggest break of Karen and the band was when "Ailein duinn".(Dark Allan) appeared in the movie Rob Roy with Karen in a cameo role. Everyone started asking who sang that wonderful song in Scottish Gaelic. The music of Capercaillie combines the slick showmanship of Jazz, the haunting air of traditional music and the force of rock n’ roll that make them a rare act but never irrelevant in today’s top 40 radio. So if you are heading to Brittany this August, don’t forget to get tickets to the festival and fill your soul with the wonderful sound of Celtic music.

It is hard to grasp the intensity of the impact made by these two artists in the world of Irish dance. They made Irish dancing such an irresistible art that young people are getting into it hoping to be the next Jean Butler or Colin Dunne.

Celticmusicfan salutes these two artists for setting the trail on fire, making Irish dancing a sought after form of art for generations to come.


I could not put into words my reaction upon seeing Irish dancing for the first time. Without any background or reference, I was left with nothing to compare it to. I know tap dancing originated from this. I also know that it is like ballet only with minimal hand movements. There is something regal about this form of dancing…somehow ominous and even victorious in nature. This is how faeries should move like. After seeing this, I know I will never be captivated by any for of dance the way it has captivated my mind and soul. I never cared for Michael Jackson dance steps or Madonna’s choreography. Somehow they look pale in comparison to this.

The Brennan siblings introduced me to Irish and the rest of the Celtic music in the world when I was still walking around for new music. So it is no surprise that I will go back from time to time. I went to Northern Skyline which is the Clannad News site and found that Moya Brennan and Cormac de Barra will be releasing an album called My Match Is A Makin.

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