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Hey gang, following an accident at work back in November, I was afraid of the injury to my back following running my head into an overhang, falling backwards, landing with my spine perfectly centered on the edge of the stairs, which flung me forward, knocking the wind out of me and gashing a pretty large cut in my head...not forehead but top of my head. I could not breathe or talk...that really panicked me. I did not even realized I landed on the steps until, they asked if I was alright...and I could not talk back and when I tried to breathe I couldn't...well I got 5 staples in my head and following another x-ray to rule out anything, they said there was no visible fracture but were afraid I may have injured or bruised the bone, tendons, muscles, cartilage....I put it out of my head, thinking it would get better. Well my brother came to visit from a 2 - month 7 country vacation and recommend I go to physical therapy since it did not get better and I am still at the same place of employment, so I better follow up on the injury to have the insurance cover all my medical bills. So I went back today to therapy which was pretty cool. I put on some weird measure the center of my head and they did measurments and sensed different areas that caused me pain, as if I touch, reach, sit down, I feel pinching and pressure between my T6-T10 region of my spine -- thoracic...

He did not apply any electrodes or shock to any of the areas, we are working with the muscles without directly affecting the injury. They are afraid when I fell, I sort of did a whip-lash effect but backwards. And he was surprised my neck is not all.

But I have some exercises I need to do to try to loosen the segments to realign correctly. Next week I have to go back for 2 more times for 6 weeks. I saw diagrams of all the nerve and fibrous tissue. I now understand nerves and muscles a lot and learning how the injury limits motion.

I am not too hurt but it is early to say what exactly is affected. he said a chiropractor generally can realign the bones pretty quickly, but it is too early as they are too tight and he wants to do more pressure-tests and work out some of the tissue-binds wrapped around some of the tendons...I was afraid I compounded the muscle between the bones, but he said no...there may be some bi-product irritating the correct shape and line the bones should be in but they are not I am taking small steps in working the muscles to get them back how they should be.

If i can find my x-rays from my reconstructive surgery when I was 14, it is cool. I have a steel bar holding up my sternum...after 6 hours of pulling on my ribs and bolting in a bar...pretty weird but cool. He was also worried and glad I told him of the previous procedure as he can not press vertically on my sternum because of the surgery so we will have to do something alternately....


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