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As the evenings are now well and truly closing in and winter's chill bites at our noses I thought I'd share with you one of my happiest childhood memories from that season. This entry is from my Blogspot website:

I am remembering a Christmas past, not for the usual activities associated with this festive season, but simply for a most truly memorable stroll taken by myself and the family dog, Scamp, through a beautiful snow-covered Ringsend Park.

It is a couple of days into the New Year and just another few days remain of the school holidays. At this stage, time is moving in what almost feels like slow motion.
"Oh well, why should today be any different from the rest?" I think to myself as I lazily drag my tired body out of its warm nest. Having pulled the blankets and old overcoat back up over the bed to keep the heat in I move towards the window to see what the day has to offer.

A magnificent sight greets my eyes. Overnight there has been a heavy fall of snow. Our avenue resembles a scene from one of those old-time Christmas cards depicting images of snow-covered roofs, smoke swirling from tall chimney pots etc.
"Today will not be like any other day" I decide. With that thought in mind I quickly dress and hurry downstairs. After a warm breakfast Scamp and I set off on our travels to our beloved park, her favourite playground.

As I approach the gates I see before me a beautiful vision. Overnight, our park has been transformed into a snowy wonderland. There is not a soul in sight and as I walk along the sound of crunching snow beneath my feet is pure music to my ears. I begin to imagine I'm in another world. A world where no human beings exist, nobody to put me down or hurt me. Yes, here I can feel safe and happy. Scamp is having a good time too. She barks and rolls around and sniffs the snow for any juicy tit bits that might be lurking beneath.

Now I decide to build a snowman. Having rolled enough snow to make the body and head I set about putting him together. I want him to look happy so I carve out a large smiling mouth, turning it up at both ends. "He does look jolly" I decide as I stand back to admire my creation.

I remain in my winter paradise for quite a while after that, allowing my mind to wonder and absorb the great beauty which lies all around me. The already grey skies now begin to grow even darker as I make my way back home. I will always remember that morning. It is one of the magic moments of my childhood.

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Comment by Ann Brien on January 3, 2009 at 0:02
Hi Wes, thank you so much for your lovely comment. How wonderful that walk in the park must have been for you with the feel of the snow, leaves and twigs beneath your feet. Sadly we don't get much snow here any more but I'm hoping maybe we might be blessed with even a small fall very soon especially for all the children so as they too can have their happy winter wonderland memories but also that I might have another chance to re-experience those magic moments of yesteryear.

Sadly we no longer have our golden labrador, Sandy, as she had to be put down a few years ago because of severe arthritis. I still miss her. I do enjoy watching a family of birds which have been coming into our garden for many years now. They know us and we know them, wonderful! Thanks again for stopping by, take care, talk soon, Ann
Comment by Wes Ornick on January 2, 2009 at 18:58
Hi there Ann Brien, when I was little...I would go to a park near my house "Krepps' Park" alone...I was about 12 or so, lay in the snow and make snow angels, looking to the sky and leaving my body -- I felt alone but it was you said No one around to laugh, poke fun or draw our positive energies from our souls. I love being in the woods distractions or things to take from our minds...just the soul person we had a transformer explode the other turned red -- then blue and all the lights in houses zapped movement at all...I walked through the park again with just the crunches of snow, leaves and broken twigs under my shoes. What kind of dog do you have? I have a border-collie I call Mems...I taught him sign-language and he has tracked me down over a few miles...ran out of the house, crossed 4 lanes of traffic and waited for me at a copy center. I was 10 miles away and I got a call on my cell that he was sitting at the door waiting for me at the business. i didn't even know he got out of the house and somehow tracked me...smell or mental locked? I have no idea. I would love to see some sights of where you frequent. I climb a lot but not now as it is hunting seasons and hunters here shoot anything that moves...lots of cliffs, trees and bears, squirrels, deer, chipmunks, hawks, vultures, songbirds...beautiful...glad to read your post.

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