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Jack and his first squirrel he caught.(10-30-07) We never thought he would ever catch a squirrel, Since they are so fast. Bunnies are easy for him. He is our hunter!!!!

My Boys!!! Joey, Jack & Jake.

Annie-Our Growly Old Lady of a dog.

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Comment by Sara on December 30, 2007 at 16:01
Erin, Hey! My dogs are always here for me. My jake sleeps with me every night. He is always here for me no matter if I am sick and can hardly walk or in the garden doing stuff. No matter what the case is he follows whereever I am.
Comment by Sceállóg Ó Tacoma on November 8, 2007 at 18:02
Sweet Pea is a hoot! Very much more independent than the Weimaraners. When she gets the Zoomies out in the yard she just starts running in patterns and there is no stopping her until she is so tired she just drops in the grass. But she is my baby. Can't carry the Weims around in my arms like I can her. I grew up with hunting Beagles in Tennessee. I like to say that when some men get a certain age they want a fast car or a younger woman. I wanted a Beagle. hahahaha
Comment by Sara on November 8, 2007 at 17:37
Yea I bet those are big dogs. I love my dogs. They are what keeps me going living with Multiple Sclerosis. Somedays they about run me over. Is your beagle naughty? My jack sure is alot.
Comment by Sceállóg Ó Tacoma on November 6, 2007 at 21:37
Nice Beagles! I have four Weimaraners and a Beagle. The Beagle's name is "Sweet Pea".

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