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Adding Links to my Celtic Music Lenses

Giant Squid Top 100

Just about the time I made my last post here almost two months ago, I realized if I worked at it, I could get to 100 lenses (web pages) on Squidoo. I made it, so now I'm not only a Giant Squid since July 1 (50 lenses required and I had that many by late May), but I'm also in the Top 100 club. I created a bunch of Celtic music video showcases, made up of YouTube videos to help get to the 100 goal. I've been really busy updating stuff and trying a few promotion things, so I've been busy! I've always taken a break on Mondays for Klara's show, however, except for the first week when her time was moved up and I caught the last two minutes of a show.
By the way, my 99th lens was for Patrick Street and my 100th lens was for Irish/American fiddler Liz Carroll.

Now and then I'd had the thought that there could very well be plenty of folks on the other side of the pond who might buy CDs from my lenses if I linked up with I wondered if the signup process to become an associate for the UK site would be any more complicated than signing up for the US site had been when I did that last year. But I was busy updating and stuff, so I put it off. Then someone commented on my Fiction Best Sellers lens that it would be nice to have a lens for British best sellers. That got me thinking, and yesterday (Monday) I went to and signed up.

Turned out signing up wasn't all that hard, and might've been made easier because I'm already an associate. They must've been able to determine that by my email address because at one point I clicked on a button to get to the next step, and I was in, with my associate ID already set, just one digit off from my existing ID.

I'm a little more than halfway through adding text links to my approximately 30 Celtic music lenses and I've put a link on the Celtic Music: Lenses lens so people can go to the site and search from there. Check it out if the Atlantic Ocean is to your West and you're looking for some good Celtic music!

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