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I had a couple too many glasses of red wine last night and as a result, the world seems a bit funny. Lucky for me, though, that a co-worker brought in bagels for us. There's just something about bagels that make them seem even more delicious during the hung-over days at work. Oh, and here's some good news! My wanker of a boss isn't coming in today! WAHOOO! And even MORE good news! The web demo I had scheduled for 8:30 AM seems to be canceled! Again, WAHOOOO!

Good news, also, on the "school" front. I'm transferring to a much better law school. I'll start classes in November. I'm starting another Bachelor's of Science program, too, in October. I'll be studying Information Security Systems and minoring in Intelligence Analysis. I'm going to be one busy guy for the next few years, but it'll be fun.

Uh-oh. Headache's coming on...

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