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Here is the Bride poem I was going to write. It came today while trying to write something else. Go figure.

I hope you enjoy,



Telling of The Bride

I tried to write a poem, of a Bride dressed in white
To describe her beauty,
But nothing was right

I wanted it to be from the groom’s point of view,
But no words came to mind
For how she lights up the room

I imagine seeing for the very first time
An angel of glory
As her eyes meet mine

No words can touch the feelings that swell
No one can explain
How could one tell?

Looking upon this most beautiful creature
Watching her walk
Memorizing every feature

Her eyes, her lips, her golden hair
The way she moves
As if gliding on air

No words can fathom the feelings that come
Nothing can touch
The love for this one

No words will ever be enough to describe it all right
The joy, the love,
When you see your bride dressed in white

Daeoin Arlson

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