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I've been inspired to write again. This is something I started yesterday and finished today. It sort of took a turn along the way as I was writting it and now the name I originally had in mind doesn't seem right. So this one will be un-named, until it reveals itself to me.

I hope you enjoy it,



I found something I can not have
Beautiful, lovely, and true
I found something I can not have
I found something in you

I stand upon this rocky canyon
Whose walls do keep us apart
And I watch the sky turn crimson red
With the breaking of my heart

I search for ways to draw you near
No miracles come to mind
Reclined to look across the void
To dream one day you’re mine

Others may say come with us
Why do you teary so?
Yet how can I leave knowing you’re there
And live as a man with no soul

Nay I tell them, I will not leave
I shall build a bridge
With stones and earth, and committed love
Until I reach her ledge

I shall work to cover this great divide
As long as the Lord gives me life
And when I reach the other side
I shall ask her to be my wife

Many trials I shall pass as I cross the chasm
But my love for her being true
I will find the strength within myself
To build this bridge to you

Along the path I have laid to you
I will help you to cross it all
Trust in me and hold my hand
I will never let you fall

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