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A little somthing I wrote for someone special. It's not that good, but I thought I would share it anyway. I may even show it to them one day.

I hope you like it,

Dreaming of You

I awoke to the moon and thoughts of you,
Flooding my room and dreams
They both shine brightly within me

Hearing your voice I tremble
Yet find a clam
That eases me

I look forward to our first touch
Lightly, gently, your hand on my arm
The touch of your lips

I shake with the thought of looking
into your eyes for the first time.
To see your smile
To be near you

The hours grow longer as the time
for us to see each other nears
The minutes are hours
Days an eternity

I feel the flutter of butterfly’s when I think of you
My mind spins
My heart pounds

I lie beneath the moon
And I dream of you

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