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I was looking this over and realized that I hadn't been here for quite a while. The poem below was something that I had written to Tammy the first year we were dating. However, we are divorced now. To all my friends here that helped me through the tough times, I thank you.

While we are no longer husband and wife, for the most part, the poem still stands true. We are still best friends and doing whatever we can to make life good for our son.

I hope you enjoy it and it makes you think of someone very dear to you.


From Friendship

She comes in my darkest hour
Not as the blinding light of instant love
But as hope and guidance
As one who cares, as a friend
A friendship grows that none may kill
Spending day after day talking
We are always together
She is always near
She makes life good, worth keeping
Doubts die as trust is reborn
There is nothing that cannot be said
Feelings grow so comes fear
But the trust is there
Time together is shortened by need
So being together means more
Somewhere in time love blooms
It comes slowly
Growing day by day
Moment by moment from being together
She is the one
It seems too easy
To find her so soon
But it wasn’t
At times we would argue
Different points of view
But always we would talk
Hear what the other would say
I thank you my love
For being there
For the friendship you gave
And the time to let it grow
I return what has been given
I will be there for you
As you for me
As one to lean on in hard times
As one to share the good
To trust me I know was hard
But you have put trust in me
As I have in you
For all the things we have said and done
For all the moments
The time we share
I will protect and keep the trust
Friendship was the first thing we shared
So it will always be the most important to me
It only seems right to spend life
With my closest friend
The one I love the most
No one can take what we have given each other
As friends we have grown as one to lovers
So we shall remain
Not even in death shall we part
I will be there for you as you for me

Jeffery S Rogers

Dedicated to my love
Tamara J Fireline

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Comment by Dabhoch on August 12, 2008 at 13:37
Ah, my friend, my heart swells reading this... All the best to you..!! It is good that you two remain friends, as you started. True friendship is all too rare indeed..!!
Blessing, health, and happiness be yours always..!!

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