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The existence of soulmates are real. And the emotions and spiritual experiences very intense and deeply like no other.
But, not always even when we find our soulmate we stay with him/her.
So, when we find our soulmate but we cant stay with him/her, the only thing you can do is to feel the pain. Feeling it and living it in all is context. You have to feel it, because to feel it is the only way to let go the pain and in this way learn to releasing the other. We can not force the other to stay with us, because each of us have a purpose to reach and a karma to pay. So, you have to understand and accept that maybe the other can not be with you because he/she have is own karma to pay, and not because he/she do not recognize you as his/her soulmate.
Your pain could be very strong and something almost insupportable but, imagine how strong and insupportable will be his/her pain knowing that you are the most intense part of him/her but his/her Soul are pushing him/her to other way where you will not be…

Keep the faith remembering that the both are bond, because the Soul of soulmates are just one, and no matter when, where or how… be certain, that one day, the both will be together for the eternity.
Do you know how much human beings never find or know of the existence of their soulmates? Even if you are not with him/her don’t forget, that you have been already blessed with the awareness of his/her existence.

Do your best in every moment of your present live. Love all, and not just one, with unconditional love purifying your heart with pure and true feelings of love. Because, to be deserving is half way to find and stay with your soulmate. No matter when, where or how…

About releasing the Soulmate…

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Comment by JoanMarie on July 16, 2008 at 18:58
Thank you for sharing that. It came at a much needed time.

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