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So, this summer is all about the bad finances and starting a debt reduction plan. I have had nasty phone calls and despite having made an arrangement with AT&T, they turned the phone off anyway. So, communication is a flop, too. I am in the midst of summer classes and paying for them, mind you. I also have reduced income because of taking 2 weeks off work to take classes. So, on top of trying to stay awake in class, trying to get a Dr to ok the surgery to hopefully fix the sleep apnea, and just stay alive, I have had to deal with poverty and its consequences. I hate being poor!
At the same time this is going on, I am slowly learning how to use natural ingredients to dye wool. I have had mixed results. The black walnut dye solution is EASY! Now, I just need to figure out how to figure out how much of the natural dye powders to use in a dye bath. The first dye bath I made was a failure. It was dried and ground pomegranate skins and was supposed to turn the wool a yellow or a tan, but it came out the same way it went in. Think maybe I didn't use enough of the powder. I have mordanted nearly all the Border fleece I bought from a lady. I am supposed to use it this weekend in a dyeing demo at a local museum. I also managed to break my spinning wheel last weekend. It is just the connection to one of the treadles, but it is enough that I can't fix it myself. Phooey. Frustration. I can't use my little darling electric cause the cats knocked it off it's resting place and broke the motor adn I can't fix it til August. I am left with dyeing, crocheting a few things and carding wool, no spinning wool. I may not have any spun yarn ready for the fair this year. Sad!
Monsoons are starting already, so hopefully I can cut down on the A/C use! but I won't be able to dry wool as the rain will just get it wet again!
That's all the news that's fit to print so far. Hope everyone else's summer is more productive or more fun. I know some folk are traveling and I envy them. I have managed to save a lot more music lately, but there are still tech things I don't understand! I also need another player, as my old one is full up!
Slan and take care folks!

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