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Last year I return to my home town, and during the local festivities I see the tradition became allied of the badness of some ignorant persons. I was surprised because, I came to live for one of the streets where the bulls are released during the local festivities, because it is near to the square of bulls, and for some hours people can play with the bull(s). Never thought I could seen people treat so badly the animals, and it real made me be very angry as I never thought I could feel. They forget that they come in to here by their own choice and Bull(s) are here because someone bring them into here, since they cannot choose.
I am not against tradition, but yes, against badness. If people treat what they eat just like that, how they will treat other things…? It makes me think…
As I am sensible to energies, and even animals can speak with us in a spiritual way. Some months ago I started to have some dreams. I understand it was a call of help because they speak directly to me. In that time I doesn’t knew how I could help. But, as I agree to help, ways to help started to come to my mind. I already had in my home all the materials that was need, and a simple project was born in my mind. I drew it in to a sheet of paper and made it for real, as it is here now hanging in the veranda of my living room.
This was the initial project:

As all can see, I had so must more to say, but the space to write was so few, then, I decide only for that specific words:

“The tradition does not have to be allied to the ignorance.
The bull is here for your entertainment and not to be victim of your badness.
The bull is an animal, as such, reacts by instinct.
And you, for what you act? ”

My work is done. Now, I only can hope it brings the results for the reason why it was made…

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